Which Characters First? Levels 51-80

Levels 51-80: Events Preparation

Your focus will shift between Levels 51 – 80 as more events open to you as well as Mods. Completing the Galactic War daily will also become a primary objective during these levels for the GW’s source of credits and, sometimes, character shards.

Attaining Legendary characters is a must as you continue in the game, so your character farming will shift to creating specific teams catered towards beating Legendary Events, preferably at 7*. Also, Territory Battles will open at Level 65, so players should prepare themselves to aid their guilds as much as possible with relevant characters.

It helps to have a strong foundation of characters, so be sure to review the First Three Phases of characters to bring to 7* as you continue.

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Credit Heist
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R2D2 Legendary Event
Grand Admiral Thrawn Legendary Event
BB-8 Legendary Event
Commander Luke Skywalker Legendary Event


Credit Heist (Opens at Level 70) – Requires Scoundrels

In the first 50 levels, it will seem like there are more training droids required than credits to level your characters. At around Level 51, however, this flips. Between Gear, “Logarithmic Levelling”, and mods, you will never have enough credits. For example, with over 100 characters in the game, it would take over 100 million credits just to promote them from 6* to 7* each.

The Credit Heists run anywhere between 6-13 days between each other and will be the single most important method of attaining credits in the game, with a maximum reward of 10 million possible credits (although 2.5 million is awarded far more often).

Best Characters: Lando, STHan, IG-88, Boba, Chewbacca
There are many characters with the Scoundrel tag, but these are the easiest to farm and will perform the best in the heist. Lando, STHan, IG-88, and Boba should all be at high stars by the time you are able to begin doing Credit Heist events.

Chewbacca will be the only one left to go back and farm from Light/Dark Side or Cantina Nodes, if desired. The Credit Heist is not “simmable”, so finishing the event at 3* offers nothing but a source of pride. Tier 4 of the Credit Heist can be completed with just Lando, STHan, IG-88, and Boba at 7* and Chewbacca left at 4*.


Grand Master’s Training: Master Yoda Legendary Event – Requires Jedi

Master Yoda is one of the first Legendary characters introduced into the game and only unlocks at 5* when you defeat him in the Grand Master’s Training event. There are no 1* or 3* versions of Yoda. He is at 5*, 6*, or 7* and requires a team of 5 Jedi at each of the star levels to unlock him.

QGJ, Luminara, Kanan, Ezra, Barriss, Ahsoka, or IGD are all characters that are easily attained to help unlock Yoda, and also continue to remain useful through the rest of the game. Any of these 5 Jedi at 7* and Gear 7 will unlock Yoda at 7*.

  • Arena: Kanan
  • Cantina: QGJ
  • GW: Luminara
  • Cantina Nodes: Ezra
  • LS/DS: Ahsoka, Barriss
  • Guild: IGD


Emperor’s Demise: Emperor Palpatine Legendary Event – Requires Rebels

Like Master Yoda, Palpatine only unlocks at 5*, but Palpatine requires 5 Rebel characters to unlock via the Emperor’s Demise event. There are TONS of available Rebels in the game, but selecting those that will serve you well going forward as well as for unlocking Emperor Palpatine is key.

Best Characters: Wedge (Lead), Biggs, Lando, STHan, Leia/Ackbar
This is the go-to team for this event. These toons should all be early farms and all characters at 7* G8 will unlock EP at 7* with no problem.

Other Rebels to consider: Ezra, Jyn, CH Solo, Scarif Rebel Pathfinder, Chopper, Luke (Farmboy).

Scarif Pathfinder is a decent Tank that can be useful in raids, Chopper is a sturdy Tank who is preferred for Thrawn’s Legendary event, and Luke (Farmboy) is required to unlock Commander Luke Skywalker later. Pathfinder, Chopper, or Luke are all decent substitutes for STHan, Leia, or Ackbar.

Ezra, however, is a dominant Jedi who is useful in 3 different legendary events and is a strong toon for both Arena and Raids. If you have Ezra, a better team to unlock EP would be Wedge-Lead, Biggs, Lando, STHan/Leia, and Ezra.

Jyn has a variety of uses across multiple parts of the game. She is pivotal against the Rancor in The Pit raids, her kit includes reviving team members, turn meter reduction, calling assists, and AoE attacks. Jyn is also the only Rogue One Rebel team member that has a Leader ability, which makes her a crucial character for Territory Battles. With this in mind, Jyn is farmable only through the Guild Store, which makes her a very slow farm, despite her many uses.

CH Solo is a very specific character that is required in Territory Battles. CH Solo’s kit makes him extremely useful under the right conditions. That said, at a single Cantina Node at 16 Cantina Energy per hit, CH Solo is a long farm and, while he could be useful in both acquiring EP and his specific Territory Battles missions, there are easier characters that could be acquired first.

With the additions of Ezra, Jyn, and CH Solo, a Rebel team to take on the Emperor could also include Wedge-L, Biggs, Ezra, Jyn, CH Solo – or – Jyn-L, Wedge, Biggs, Ezra, CH Solo. These later teams will have an advantage with their later uses throughout the game, but keep in mind that they also require the most amount of time and resources to attain.


Daring Droid: R2D2 Legendary Event – Requires Empire

Like other Legendary Events, R2 only unlocks at 5* and R2’s event requires Empire toons in the Daring Droid event.

This event is a trickier farm and should be considered closer towards end game. There are multiple Empire toons, but the event is easiest to clear at 7* with a specific team.

Best Characters: Emperor Palpatine (Lead), TFP, Vader, RG, and Tarkin.
They are all relatively easy to acquire over the course of the game for free. That said, EP is only available through his Legendary event (meaning you’ll need to have 5 Rebels at 7* ready), Vader is a very long farm from Shard Shop, Fleet Store, and Achievements, and while Tarkin comes from Arena Store, Tarkin is not prioritized over stronger characters such as Leia, STHan, or IG-88.

Other farmable Empire include Veers, Snowtrooper, and Magmatrooper. If you are intent on gaining R2, while not losing traction on other farms, another team could include: Veers-Lead, TFP, Snowtrooper, Magma, and RG. However, be prepared to have strong mods on all of them, have each at high gear, and also prepare for a lot of attempts to get good RNG.


Artist of War: Grand Admiral Thrawn Legendary Event – Requires Phoenix

Like the other Legendary Events, Thrawn only unlocks at 5* through the Artist of War event. Unlike other Legendary Events, however, only a specific team can be used against Thrawn: Phoenix Squad.

Phoenix Squad currently includes just 6 characters: Ezra, Chopper, Zeb, Hera, Sabine, and Kanan.

The best (really only) way to run a Phoenix Squad is with Hera as a leader, so there is just one best team available for Thrawn.

Best Characters: Hera (Lead), Ezra, Chopper, Zeb, and Kanan.
Hera is the only Phoenix with a Leader ability and is practically a requirement. Ezra is a fantastic character, useful in multiple events, and should be deemed required as well.

Of the remaining, Sabine is arguably one of the better Phoenix characters, but is a very difficult farm from just her Dark Side Node or sporadically from Guild Store. The others are available in Arena, Cantina, and GW stores and are easily farmable.


Pieces and Plans: BB-8 Legendary Event – Requires First Order

As with other Legendary Events, the Resistance faction droid BB-8 first unlocks at 5* through the Pieces and Plans Event. Also, like other legendary events, BB-8’s event requires a specific faction: First Order. While the First Order faction is likely to grow as the game continues, as of now, there are exactly five First Order characters available: Captain Phasma, Kylo Ren, First Order TIE Pilot, First Order Officer, and First Order Stormtrooper.

First Order characters are currently available from the following areas:

  • Captain Phasma – Galactic War Store
  • Kylo Ren – Cantina Battles 4C (10 energy) and 6C (12 energy)
  • First Order TIE Pilot – Light Side Hard Node 6B (16 energy) and Dark Side Hard Node 6B (16 energy)
  • First Order Officer – Cantina Battles Store
  • First Order Stormtrooper – Light Side Hard Node 2B (12 energy) and Dark Side Hard Node 2A (12 energy)

Farming for Phasma, Kylo, and FO Officer is relatively simple and Phasma should be one of the first characters a player begins to farm. FOTP and FO Stormtrooper require a lot more time and effort. Both characters are on Light and Dark Side nodes, meaning that there are only 10 chances a day to acquire their shards. Hard Nodes only have five chances a piece to farm and can be refreshed for 50 crystals for an additional five chances. Afterward, refreshes go up to 100 crystals and up, making it very difficult to farm character who are only attainable through Hard Nodes.

BB-8 is fun to use on his own, but works best within the ranks of either a full Resistance team or a full droid team. Like R2 or Thrawn, however, BB-8 should be left for later in the game as farming the characters for his event is very time-consuming and also limiting.

A First Order team can be powerful in the Arena to some point, but they are overshadowed by other legendary characters and other synergies. First Order, specifically, FOTP and FO Stormtrooper farming should probably be left as more of an afterthought when trying to finish off daily activities or gain raid tickets for a guild.


Luke Skywalker – Hero’s Journey: Commander Luke Skywalker Legendary Event

Unique for Legendary Events, Commander Luke only unlocks at 7* and requires 5 specific 7* toons: STHan, Leia, Old Ben, Farmboy Luke, and also R2-D2 who is only available through his own Legendary Event.

Commander Luke should be considered an end-game character for the following reasons:

  • Farmboy Luke and Old Ben are Cantina Node farms and there are better characters to farm first
  • Leia and STHan both come from Arena Store and are difficult to farm simultaneously
  • R2 requires five 7* Empire toons and is best attained using Palpatine, who also requires five 7* Rebels toons to attain

Commander Luke essentially requires the 13 following characters at 7* to unlock:

  • Farmboy Luke
  • Old Ben
  • Leia
  • STHan
  • R2
  • Palpatine
  • Vader
  • TFP
  • RG
  • Tarkin
  • Wedge
  • Biggs
  • Lando


Commander Luke should be a character to keep in mind as you progress, but since he will be a character who unlocks naturally, gameplay should not be entirely focused on getting just the above 13 characters as there are many other characters required just to get to those 13 toons.

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Last updated: 10/9/17