Which Characters First? TL;DR Character Farm Lists

TL;DR Character Farm List:

As a reminder, it is always better to work on taking a single character up to 7* from each location, rather than jump from toon to toon, or bringing groups of toons up to each of the star levels at once.

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TL;DR Farm List (in order):

Stable Areas:
Squad Arena Store – STHan, IG-88, Leia, Kanan, Tarkin, Nebit, Ackbar, HK-47
Cantina Battles Store – QGJ, Boba*, Fives*, Daka*, Chopper, Ahsoka*, Hoth Scout, Jawa Scavenger, Poe*, FO Officer
Galactic War Store – Phasma, Lumi*, Biggs*, Zeb, Teebo, Dathcha, Magmatrooper
Light Side Hard Battles – Rey, Ewok Elder, Anakin*, FOTP, RG, FO Trooper, Dooku
Dark Side Hard Battles – Boba, Barriss, Hoth Soldier, FOTP, RG, Jawa
Cantina Battles Node – Geo Soldier, Lando, Ezra, TFP, Wedge, Hera, Anakin, Old Ben, Kylo, CH Solo

Varying Stores:
Guild Store – Jyn, Rey*, Ewok Elder*, Jawa Engineer, Rex, Maul, Sun Fac, Farm Luke*
Fleet Store – Boba*, Vader, Ezra*, Wedge*, Fulcrum, Chirrut, Rex, Maul, Sun Fac, Echo

(*) Character also available through LS/DS or Cantina Node; Mine through Store prior to Node


Why X before Y?

Have questions about why some characters are recommended before others? See some of these answers to common questions:
Why Lumi before Biggs? – You need Wedge to make Biggs most useful and Wedge won’t unlock for several levels at the start. Get Lumi first to be able to get Wedge in Cantina faster.

Why Ewok Elder before Luke or Sabine? – Thrawn and Comm Luke are end-game, while Elder is useful early for clearing various nodes and Galactic War. Also, Elder is used in Assault Battles and Rancor solo which work towards end-game.

Why Daka before Chopper or FOO?– Thrawn is end-game, and a full First Order team is very niche and requires multiple Zetas. Daka is needed as a Dark Side healer to get through Dark Side nodes long before Zetas.

Why Geo Soldier before Lando? – Geo Soldier is a solid toon that will serve well through end-game, also useful in Rancor solo. Lando is also useful through end-game, but is not as imperative at first in gaining a full roster. That said, either can be farmed first.

Why is Wedge 5th in Cantina? – Wedge takes a while to unlock. Players should focus on a wider breadth of character useful across the events prior to Wedge, who should be a focus after acquiring Biggs.

Why Anakin in Cantina before Old Ben? – Anakin’s Cantina node is hard to complete for newer players, takes a while to unlock, and has lower perceived drop rates. Meanwhile, a player could be focused on working on Anakin through LS/DS nodes until other characters (like Old Ben) have been completed.

Why isn’t Hoth Rebel Soldier first? – Like all characters that are only available through a single LS/DS Node, Hoth Soldier is a very long farm. While he is a requirement for multiple Phases of Territory Battles – Hoth, his use elsewhere in the game is extremely limited. As such, it is not advisable for newer players to start off games by farming him ahead of more useful characters.


Best and Worst Lists

Note: Legendary characters not listed

Best Overall Early Characters to Farm: Wedge, Biggs, Ezra, Lando, TFP, Anakin, Fives, IG-86, IG-88, Phasma, Boba, QGJ, STHan, Leia

Honorable Mention: RG, Ahsoka, Daka, Lumi, Sun Fac, Rey

Hard Farms, but the best toons: Shoretrooper, Baze, Chirrut, Darth Nihilus, Jyn, Fulcrum, Sith Assassin, Sith Trooper, B2, FOTP

Farm for specific use only: Hera, Kanan, Chopper, Zeb, Tarkin, Cody, Clone Sergeant, Echo, Old Ben, Farm Luke

Territory Battles – Hoth required: Hoth Rebel Soldier, Hoth Rebel Scout, Captain Han Solo

Easy farm, but needs a Zeta to be great: Kylo, Sidious, Savage, Dooku, Finn, Barriss

Hard farms, and needs a Zeta: Maul, Vader

Only farm if desperate: Eeth Koth (Yoda), Cad Bane (Credit Heist), Geo Spy (Ship), Plo Koon (Yoda, Ship)

Please don’t farm us, ever*: Gam Guard, CUP, JKG, Mob Enforcer
(*)List subject to change as the game develops


Last updated: 10/9/17