SWGoH GameChangers:西斯月? 新西斯人物將被添加

Sith Marauder  -  SWGoH

In 2017, February was the Month of the Sith in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes seeing Darth Nihilus,Sith Assassin和Sith Trooper加入到遊戲中 and more. Earlier this week the EA/CG SWGoH GameChangers released details on 兩個西斯的最愛 - 皇帝帕爾帕丁和達斯維達的重修. Now, the Month of the Sith continues as a new character is set to join the SWGoH universe – Sith Marauder. A “Destructive Sith Attacker that takes advantage of all buffs and debuffs in battle,” Sith Marauder continues the theme of the month and features an intriguing kit. Let’s take a look at the new Sith Marauder’s kit and be sure to check out actual gameplay footage in the videos made by our SWGoH GameChangers 朋友。

SithMarauder details - GameChanger視頻


His Basic, Strength Through Passion, reads XCHARXDeal Physical damage to target enemy and inflict Offense Down for 2 turns,XCHARX fitting the debuffs applied by Sith characters theme. Sith MarauderXCHARXs lone special attack, Victory Through Power, looks like this:

Deal Physical damage to target enemy and grant all allies Potency Up for 2 turns.

  • Characters: If this attack scores a Critical Hit, reduce the targetXCHARXs Max Health by 15% until end of the encounter.

  • Raid Bosses: This attack ignores Armor.

Sith Marauder  -  SWGoH

Finally, Sith Marauder has a unique called The Force Shall Free Me which reads XCHARXSith Marauder has +5% Defense, +5% Health Steal and +5% Tenacity for each buff on all characters. Sith Marauder has +2% Critical Chance, +2% Offense and +2% Potency for each debuff on all characters. When an enemy uses an ability outside of their turn, Sith Marauder gains 20% Turn Meter.XCHARX

Looking the kit over, like Vader, Boba Fett, Geonosian Spy and more, when the right pieces fall into place this character can be deadly. For fights with more buffs and/or debuffs involved, Sith Marauder appears to be perfect for either a Vader or Nihilus lead, allowing for increased damage from attacks and increased Health Steal on each attack. For those smart enough to farm Wampa hard, pairing him with a Zeta Darth Vader領先 and Sith Marauder could be a “game changer” for your squad.


SWGoH GameChanger Videos for Sith Marauder

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    • Le personnage a été libéré cette nuit vu qu’ils ont ‘jugé’ utile de le rajouter dans Hoth Impériale. “Anything for a buck”