歡迎閱讀我們關於“變形金剛地球大戰”手機遊戲系列文章中的最新內容 每個機器人最好的電源核心。 雖然我們的員工永遠不會聲稱擁有TFEW的全部答案,但我們會做我們的功課,並測試每個機器人,以確保我們只提出最好的建議。

TFEW:StrafeToday’s bots to review Power Cores for are Strafe & Scourge. Strafe and Scourge take to the skies as some of the most popular and strongest of the air bots in the game! They have the highest DPS in the game with low HP. They are quite the glass cannons and are vulnerable due to 消防任務’s long air time, but will wreak havoc on bases set up in the honeycomb style or with sparse defenses. Their high hang time and the need to reuse their abilities often means that they often lack access to healers, making them easily shot out of the sky by well organized defenses. If buildings are in clusters, their abilities will not be able to clear the essential defensive structures you need. But Power Cores are here to help and improve these flaws and enhance their abilities!



反光塗層 - 由於抗空氣激光核心的大量使用,反射塗層解決了Strafe的低HP和空氣脆弱性的最高關注點之一。 反射塗層提供激光砲塔和激光束激光器的保護,前者是斯特勞福防禦的更高優先級。 由於Strafe將花費大量的時間用Fire Mission擊敗地面目標(每次使用大約X秒),這是確保他們站在基地防禦的最佳排名核心。

其他電源核心考慮 – Tactician Core & Rejuvination Core



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