SWGoH New Character Review: Ezra Bridger

With the Star Wars Rebels Phoenix Squadron being the focus of SWGoH in March 2017, the newest release from that group is Jedi Padawan Ezra Bridger. Trained under the tutelage of Kanan Jarrus, a former Palawan in the Clone Wars who survived Order 66, Bridger is also influenced in the Rebels series by Maul, the former Sith Lord.

Ezra Bridger SWGoH ReviewAt first glance, Bridger looks incredibly promising with a potential multi-attack basic and the ability to dispel buffs on his first special. In addition, his stacking offense unique works for all Phoenix allies under a Hera Syndulla lead making this even more interesting.

Taking a closer look, Rushing Strike, Bridger’s basic attack, has a 40% chance to attack a second time when maxed and a 80% chance for a second attack when Ezra has no debuffs. His special Flourish dispels buffs on the enemy, but if the enemy has no buffs it reduces the cooldown on this attack and grants Ezra 50% turn meter. His second special, Watch and Learn, allows Ezra to choose a target ally to attack with 20% additional damage and an Ezra assist. Finally, his unique has Ezra gaining 10% offense at the end of each turn and can build/stack to as much as 40%.

So let’s take an updated look at the Phoenix synergies. Under a Hera Syndulla lead, each Phoenix Squadron ally shares their unique ability with their fellow Phoenix allies, and when they use a special ability they gain 20% turn meter if Hera is active. Thus, from Kanan Jarrus we have a 70% counter chance for all Phoenix allies and they all recover 25% health when they suffer a debuff. Meanwhile, from Zeb Orrelios we get max protection equal to +40% of max health and a 15% protection gain at the start of every turn, or if debuffed, a 30% protection gain. Now we are adding a stacking 10% offense gain at the end of each turn capped at 40% bonus offense while Ezra is alive.

A quick look at mods for Ezra Bridger and nothing sticks out as obvious choices. Thus, when you factor in the stacking offense, Ezra Bridger’s best mods option may be offense mods given how few toons typically focus on this mod set in SWGoH. How and where we use those will be covered another day, but that is the direction I plan to go to start and test out. As we look ahead, these Phoenix characters are going to be awesome together. Plan to stock up and gear them up and test them and let us know if you have any tips as well!

One note for the purpose of the Ezra Bridger event – when facing Kanan Jarrus in the final stage of each Tier, be sure to alternate between the basic attack and the first special attack. The second special attack will do you no good since there are no allies to assist. If you play this correctly the stacking offense will help you win out. In addition, for a boost in the first round of fighting with Kanan, make sure Old Ben is one of your toons and you get his buff boosts from him being defeated.

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