SWGoH Zeta Review: Darth Nihilus

zVader Rancor Solo - SWGoH

We all knew that Darth Nihilus had a huge legacy to live up to, and he certainly does in SWGoH. Since his release in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes’ Lord of Hunger event, he has been a staple in most arena teams, and this unique ability with a Zeta is a major reason why.

Darth Nihilus - SWGoHThe full in-game text on Darth Nihilus’ Wound in the Force unique with the Zeta reads “At the start of each of his turns, Nihilus inflicts Damage Over Time for 2 turns on a random enemy that doesn’t have any debuffs. If all enemies are debuffed, inflict Damage Over Time on a random enemy. At the start of each enemy turn, Nihilus inflicts Health Down on them for 2 turns.” The Zeta ability adds the “At the start of each enemy turn, Nihilus inflicts Health Down on them for 2 turns” line.


Darth Nihilus Unique Zeta Review

Where this Zeta works: The key to this Zeta is that it happens not on Darth Nihilus’ turn, but that it happens on the enemy turn. It does not matter how fast your team is, the other team stands a good chance of starting their very first turn debuffed.

Now Health Down on the first turn may not seem like much, after all there is a huge amount of protection that needs to be chipped away at before you even see the effects of a lower health pool, but it is more the fact that there are debuffs applied on the enemy turn that matters.

Squad Arena: This is where the ability really shines, so lets look at a few scenarios:

  • Enemy team has a cleanser – Result, cleanse on the first turn, all to get rid of a little old health down.
  • Enemy team has a fast Thrawn – Result, Thrawn swaps turn meter with a cleanser to get the cleans off, or Thrawn self cleanses, this means no first turn fracture
  • Only cleanser is Chirruit – Result chirruit equalizes health to cleans, does not trigger baze taunt cause it is too early and you can now ignore baze and focus down another toon entirely.
  • Enemy team has no cleanser – Result when Nihilus does his ability cool down move everyone is wearing a debuff and you are going to annihilate very fast.

zVader Rancor Solo - SWGoHRancor: While the Zeta does not impact the use of Darth Nihilus against the Rancor, he is an effective character on Zeta Darth Vader Rancor solo squads.

AAT: The Darth Nihilus Unique Zeta is not going to help you in Phase 2 or Phase 4 of the Tank Takedown, however Nihilus has some use in Phases 1 and 3. Both phases allow the benefits of the Zeta to impact things in a manner that enhances Darth Nihilus’ effectiveness and value. One particular team that can put big numbers up on p3 is where this Zeta ability would prove useful is Teebo (Leader), Jyn Erso, Darth Nihilus, Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus.

My use of Zeta Darth Nihilus: Nihilus is a plug and play in virtually any team you can name, he has a versatile kit and can make event the most defensive teams winners on offense. His annihilate can always swing the tide of a battle. But yes he is mainly good in Arena, and in events where you can save his annihilate for the right time.

My Rating of Zeta Darth Nihilus: If you have bothered to gear and star Nihilus, you really should apply this Zeta. It is incredibly useful if you have any intention of using Nihilus in the Squad Arena, but since it is only really useful in the Arena though I cant give it an overall score of more than 6/10. If you don’t use Nihilus in Arena then you can skip this Zeta, but then if you don’t use him in arena why did you gear or star him in the first place?


By Sparrow
BHG Black Sun Guild Officer
Gaming-fans.com Staff Writer

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anyone know how big of an impact DN Zeta is to the Nightmare team?