Getting the Most Value Out of the Google Play Promotion

EA and Google have a long history of getting together and rewarding Android users, whether it was with a free 7* character, like K-2SO, or in the latest case, free in game rewards for buying gift cards.

While it’s been said that we’ll see specially branded gift cards at major retailers worldwide, the only confirmed place to buy so far is online from WalmartAnyone outside the US is able to use a workaround to buy and use the gift cards, but unfortunately, only Android players are able to take advantage of it. Sorry Apple friends!

This article is going to be looking at these rewards, what they’re worth, and which gives the best value.

The Reward Tiers

To start with, the bonus rewards are broken into three tiers depending on the size of the Google Play card you purchase.

Under $25: 750 crystals and 80 Rey shards (enough for 4*)

$25-$49: 1500 crystals, 145 Rey shards (enough for 5*), and 250k credits.

$50+: 3000 crystals, 330 Rey shards (enough for 7*), and 1.75mil credits.

What the Rewards Are Worth

Using the shard shop and crystal cost of Stungun Salvage, we can say 31 shard shop currency is the equivalent of 26 crystals, or that just over 1 shard is worth 13 crystals. Using this, we can find the crystal value of each bonus.

The $10 bonus has a crystal value of 1756.

The $25 bonus has a crystal value of 3324.

The $50 bonus has a crystal value of 7151.

So as you can see, the free bonus you receive when purchasing a Google Play card from Walmart is is actually quite large. We could include credits by basing it off the cost of credit packs, but unless your RNG is bad enough that you only get the minimum amount, it won’t have any real impact on which is better.

Which Reward Has Best Value

If we look at what $10 gets you at each tier, we can accurately compare the different bonus rewards and find the best value.

The $10 bonus still has a crystal value of 1756.

The $25 bonus has a crystal value of 1330 per $10.

The $50 bonus has a crystal value of 1430 per $10.

As you can see, if you’re just looking at the bonus value, a $10 Google Play card is the best value for money by far. Overall, the purchase bonuses are all fantastic, and if you’re planning on spending in any game on your Android device in the near future, it’s well worth buying a gift card for the bonus.

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