SWGoH: 4-Star Kylo Ren (Unmasked) Good? Can Kylo Replace General Kenobi?

CubsFanHan & AhnaldT101 - SWGoH

Popular Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes YouTuber Cubs Fan Han has been seen as a rising star in the community for a while and joined forces with Gaming-fans.com as one of our Media Partners in mid-2017 as a result. Now one of the most well-known SWGoH YouTubers, AhnaldT101, has taken CubsFanHan as his Padawan learner for today’s SWGoH YouTube video which is linked below.

CubsFanHan & AhnaldT101 - SWGoH


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[…] Today he brings us even more content about Kylo Ren Unmasked. After reviewing a 4-star KRU and testing to see if the new Kylo can replace General Kenobi last week in a joint video with AhnaldT101, CubsFanHan is back at it testing […]