SWGoH GameChangers: First Order Executioner Kit Reveal

SWGoH - First Order Executioner

Thanks to the SWGoH GameChangers program with EA & CG, Gaming-fans.com is pleased to unveil the kit for the newest addition to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes – the First Order Executioner. The 8th member of the First Order in SWGoH, the First Order Executioner features stacking Health, can remove Turn Meter and can Dispel buffs on enemies. The kit for the First Order Executioner is listed below and be sure to check out the work of the other SWGoH GameChangers for videos and strategic use of FOE in the game.

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First Order Executioner

CATEGORIES: Attacker, First Order
Merciless First Order Attacker who executes powerful attacks

Deal Physical damage and gain Health Up (30%) for 1 turn. If the target is debuffed, this attack is guaranteed to be a Critical Hit and First Order Executioner gains Advantage for 2 turns.

SWGoH - First Order Executioner

Deal Physical damage to target enemy, remove 50% Turn Meter, and Dispel all buffs on them. If this attack defeats an enemy, First Order Executioner gains 80% Turn Meter and the cooldown of this attack is reset. Otherwise, he gains 40% Turn Meter and +20% Max Health (stacking) until he defeats an enemy. (Cooldown 3)

When First Order Executioner scores a Critical Hit, he gains +10% Max Health (stacking) until the end of the encounter and First Order allies gain 10% Turn Meter. First Order Executioner has bonus Offense equal to 5% of his Max Health.


Looking at how to use FOE and mods, Health, Critical Chance, Critical Damage and Potency stick out as the main focuses, all of which can be maximized in the right setup. Under a Kylo Ren Unmasked lead, his attack power looks, on paper, like a nice boost to the First Order and the ability to dispel will be quite valuable in the Dark Side’s Territory Battles – Imperial Retaliation.

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