SWGoH: Should I Buy the Sith Pain & Lost Apprentice Packs & Bundles?

Our SWGoH Should I Buy series continues with a review of the Sith Pain and Lost Apprentice Packs and Bundles.

The Sith Triumvirate Raid has arrived and brings with it a set of new characters and bundles designed to help players focus on them.


Sith Pain and Lost Apprentice Bundles

The Sith Pain Bundle is $9.99 USD and offers 30 Darth Sion shards along with some credits and gear. The Lost Apprentice Bundle is also $9.99 USD and offers 30 Shards of Visas Marr, with some credits and gear.

These bundles are better options than previous that have followed Marquee Events because, unlike past bundles, these allow players to take Darth Sion and/or Visas Marr to 4* without the need for any additional purchases.

A 4* character isn’t much to work with for long-time players, but having a 4* Darth Sion or Visas Marr to start out requires one pull of the related pack fewer than past bundles have offered. In the past, Marquee Events left characters at 2* or 3* and even with the purchase of the related bundle, players would still be 5 shards short of a 4* character, requiring an additional pull of the packs. For such a low bundle price, players can start out in a better position in their efforts to acquire 7* Darth Sion or Visas Marr.


The Sith Pain and Lost Apprentice Packs

The Sith Pain Pack offers anywhere from 5-330 shards of Darth Sion at 1299 crystals per pull. There is no limit to the number of pulls possible per day. As with all packs, the results will be variable.

Adelka of DotE has gone through the process of acquiring a 7* Darth Sion with the following results:

  • 6 pulls of 5 shards
  • 17 pulls of 7 shards
  • 7 pulls of 10 shards
  • 3 pulls of 12 shards

A total of 33 pulls, plus the $10 bundle, were required to get Sion to 7*, so players can expect roughly 25-35 pulls necessary to do the same.

At 1299 crystals per pull, this can be a bit expensive, especially if players don’t have a large stockpile of crystals available, but players who are accustomed to spending within the game, should expect a 7* Darth Sion to come in line with past packs and should also expect similar results for attaining a 7* Visas Marr.


By Kaitco of Descendants of the Empire
Gaming-fans.com Senior Staff Writer

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Arien Young

So this looks like a “no” unless I’m willing to spend the money to buy the packs to get them to 7*


This is way too expensive… really dislike this about this game!
Are Darth Sion shards likely to become earnable?