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TFEW - Transformers Earth Wars

Liege Maximo Prime Core

TFEW - Liege Maximo Prime CoreThe Liege Maximo Prime Core is one of 12 Prime Cores in Transformers Earth Wars which offers the Power of the Primes to enhance the equipped bot’s abilities. Each bot is able to equip a single Power Core to enhance their abilities, with the 12 Prime Cores qualifying as the best of the Power Cores in the game. TFEW allows players to open a Prime Core from gathering 5,000 Prime Core Chips which are earned from a variety of weekend events.

Starting at Level 1 it reads “After using their ability, nearby outpost bots are hacked for _ seconds. You cannot be hacked.” with the length of time (seconds) increasing upon each level up.

Level 1 – TBD

Level 6 – 8 seconds

Level 10 – 10 seconds


Understanding the Liege Maximo Prime Core:

So who are the best bots for the Liege Maximo Prime Core? On offense, this Prime Core allows the attached bot to hack outpost bots for a timed duration once the bot with Liege Maximo attached comes within a certain proximity of the outpost bot. The hacked outpost bot will then attack their own defenses rather than attacking your squad. Once the Liege Maximo effect has expired, the outpost bot will resume attacking your squad. For these reasons, Liege Maximo is one of the most essential cores in the game as the effectiveness of outpost bots are many times the difference between a win or loss. However, Liege Maximo hack effects are active after the outpost bot has used their special ability. Due to this fact, selecting the proper bot is essential.

The selection of which bot to attach Liege Maximo is dependent on the attack strategy and team composition. On many walk teams, Liege Maximo is attached to bots with high health that have the ability to rush such as Barricade/Drift, Tantrum/Hotspot and Head Strong/Jumpstream. These bots can rush in, intentionally springing outposts, absorb the Special Ability damage saving the rest of the squad from outpost harm. On Deathsaurus/Star Saber sacrifice strategies, Liege is sometimes used to compromise the outposts after Deathsaurus/Star Saber die in order to soften the defense further. In other alternate walk strategies, Liege Maximo is attached to Soundwave/Blaster in order to perform a minion outpost pull. This strategy is useful to bring the outposts to the squad rather than the squad popping the outpost based upon bot pathing. This allows the attacking squad to meet the outpost on their terms versus the design of the base. Ultimately, outside of sacrifice strategies, you want this Prime Core on a bot who can absorb the ability damage. This therefore limits the bot selection to high health bots, which typically are frontline warriors or melee range.

You will sometimes see Liege Maximo attached to Dead End/Kup on backdoor strategies, but be careful as after the outpost bots are hacked, Dead End/Kup will sometimes break off their attack and follow the outposts away from the intended target. On defense, Liege Maximo prevents the attached outpost bot from being hacked, however this is not overly effective and typically not used.


Best Bots for the Liege Maximo Prime Core:

Warrior bots such as Tantrum/Hotspot, Head Strong/Jumpstream, Barricade/Drift or specials like Megatron/Optimus Prime, Soundwave/Blaster, Razorclaw/Grimlock, Deathsaurus/Star Saber and Beast War Megatron/Optimus Primal.


By b0dhi74 of the Scorched Earth family

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