TFEW: Details on this weekend’s Alliance Leaderboard Event

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The details on this weekend’s Alliance Leaderboard Event are here for Transformers: Earth Wars. The VIP email sent earlier today starts with “A Top 500 Alliances Leaderboard this weekend includes the arrival of new Bots: Rook & Blot!” The event will feature up to 2,500 Premium Shards, 1,500 3-star Shards, 800 4-star Shards, 2.5m Energon and Bonus XP per battle. In addition, each of the Top 500 Alliances will receive addition rewards, with the Top 100 Alliances opening a 3-star bot and the Top 5 receiving the 4-star version.

Along with the prizes above, the Pay To Play (PTP) crowd will be able to choose if they want to invest into the Weekend Bundle which will contain Blades or Dirge deepening on your alignment. The Crystal Sale will be the Warrior Crystal and the all-important Special Bundle will be the long-awaited return of the Attack Battle Bundle which seems to be more and more sparse.

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