MSF 101: The Arena

MSF - Arena

As part of our popular Marvel Strike Force (MSF) 101 section of the site, today we bring you more about how to play and understand the Arena. MSF has some pretty unique mechanics when it comes to the Arena Game mode, all of which can be pretty confusing at the start. I personally only noticed some technical aspects of arena a few months into playing, which was when I decided to play hardcore, as opposed to my prior casual tendencies. I will be covering everything you need to know about this game mode, from beginning to end-game playstyles.


Arena Attacks:

The two most important things about arena attacks are your attempts and the time limit. You get 5 free attempts a day for arena attacks, more attempts can be purchased using power cores. In between each of your 5 free attacks, there is also a 13-and-a-half-minute cooldown before you can attack again for free, which can be skipped over for 25 power cores. In regard to time, each arena match is limited to 5 minutes. This generally seems to be enough time for a successful attack, apart from the odd insane Defender’s time-out team!


Arena Defense:

When I was casually playing MSF, this is where I made my biggest mistake. Unlike similar games, MSF allows you to place a separate defense that will remain unchanged no matter what team you use to attack with. Unfortunately for me, this took me way longer than it should have to figure out. I was constantly falling back in rankings, sometimes thousands in a day, which was driving me insane! However, once I did change it and set a great defensive team, I was able to make it into a place where I am very happy to be in today.

My best advice for arena defense would be to place Minn-Erva in there. She instantly makes your team insanely better and more intimidating for other players to attack you.

MSF - Arena Defense


Arena Store:

Finally, I will explore the Arena store. At the moment there are 2 options to use your arena credits. You can either purchase the Kingpin’s Vault Orb or use the credits to purchase character shards. Personally, I would stick to character shards until you have all of the important ones at 7 Star. At the end of the day, feel free to farm/do whatever you want with arena credits. However, always look to be smart about all of your purchases in this game!


In terms of farming characters, do whatever suits your needs the most. My best advice would be to get characters like Drax, Juggernaut, Quake, Daredevil and Shield Security up to around 5 stars. This way, you should have some characters prepared for the legendary characters and events such as Block Party, making things a lot easier in the long run and much more rewarding!

This sums up all of the things you should know about Arena in Marvel Strike Force. Good luck climbing the ranks Commanders!


By Arsenal MSF Staff Writer

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