SWGoH: Vulture Droid coming to Galaxy of Heroes

SWGoH - Vulture Droid

The latest addition to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes will be a ship from the Clone Wars era – the Vulture Droid. Already a unit provided to use in the Dark Side Geonosis Territory Battles, the Vulture Droid sets up a potential Separatist or Droid Fleet in the future for the Ships section of Galaxy of Heroes. Below is a look at the details and kit of the new Vulture Droid.


Vulture Droid

CATEGORIES: Dark Side, Separatist, Droid, Attacker
Persistent Separatist Attacker that inflicts Buzz Droids and is replaced when defeated

Basic: Unrelenting Attack
FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy. If the target was debuffed, this attack has +25% Critical Damage. This attack does not remove Buzz Droids.

Special 1: Discord Missile (Cooldown 3)
FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy and inflict Buff Immunity for 2 turns and 3 Buzz Droids. Buzz Droids can’t be copied or resisted.
Buzz Droids: -50% Defense and lose 5% Health at start of turn with at least 1 Buzz Droid (max 3); lose 1 Buzz Droid when taking damage from an attack or a Concussion Mine

Unique 1: Swarming Terror
FINAL TEXT: When another Separatist or Droid ally uses an ability during their turn, the Vulture Droid is called to assist if the target enemy has Buzz Droids. At the start of each enemy’s turn, if they have at least 1 Buzz Droid, the Buzz Droids reset to 3. At the end of each turn, if an enemy’s Buzz Droids were dispelled, inflict Ability Block on that enemy for 1 turn, which can’t be resisted.
When this Vulture Droid is defeated, it summons another Vulture Droid if the allied Capital Ship is Separatist and there is an allied combatant

Hardware: Buzz Droid Barrage
FINAL TEXT: Inflict 1 Buzz Droid on all enemies and Blind them for 2 turns. Additionally, call a random Droid ally to assist.

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