SWGoH: Separatist Affiliation & Separatist Loyalty Buffs in the Geonosis Territory Battles

The Geonosis Territory Battles launched during the summer of 2019 adding a new map and level of difficulty to Territory Battles in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. While new characters were added for this event, including Geonosian Brood Alpha and Wat Tambor, new abilities and buffs were also added. Today I am going to review the Separatist Affiliation & Separatist Loyalty buffs in the Geonosis: Separatist Might Territory Battle event to help us all better understand how these can benefit our characters and our guilds.

Note that I was not able to find the exact definition of Separatist Affiliation in-game after the latest round of Territory Battles was complete. As a result I will update this and add more analysis below once I have the rest of this data.

  • Separatist Motives – Whenever this character defeats an enemy, all Separatist allies gain 1 stack of Separatist Affiliation for the rest of the battle (max 10 stacks). Separatist Affiliation becomes Separatist Loyalty at max stacks.
  • Separatist Affiliation – Deal 5% more damage per stack with attacks not based on Health.
  • Separatist Loyalty – Deal 50% more damage with attacks not based on Health, at the start of turn recover 10% Health and Protection, and when defeated all other allies with Separatist Loyalty recover 50% of their Max Health and Max Protection and they gain 100% of the defeated ally’s Offense and 15% of their Max Health until the end of their next turn.


How Do Separatist Affiliation & Separatist Loyalty Impact My Game?

Separatist Affiliation is a buff that continues to make your team stronger with each stack, until it reaches 10 stacks, where it then becomes Separatist Loyalty. What you want to do is continue to do what is necessary to get to the Separatist Loyalty buff as quickly as possible, preferably before the 4th wave of battles to maximize your chances of a 4 out of 4.

Breaking this down, Separatist Loyalty not only adds significant survivability to your team, but once a member with the Separatist Loyalty buff dies, they empower their teammates significantly. The added Offense and Max Health only last for a single turn, however, but the Health and Protection recovery can undoubtedly swing a battle into the player’s favor. As it is written this applies to each time a character with Separatist Loyalty is defeated, so if your characters are picked off one-by-one in a Phase this could help a smaller team of 2-3 characters alive complete and otherwise lost cause type of battle.

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