SWGoH: Best Mod Guides Updated for 501st Legion Characters


As Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes continues to evolve, we here at Gaming-fans.com seek to evolve with it. With the recent updates to the Clone Trooper faction where Rex, Fives and Echo all got reworks, their new-look kits needed a review for our Best Mods section of the site. In addition, while her kit was not altered much at all, the addition of the 501st tag to Ahsoka Tano was also cause for a look at her mods guide. Use the links below to access each of these pages for these characters and be sure to keep an eye on our 501st Legion tag on the site which will include these four plus future 501st related content.

Ahsoka Tano

Captain Rex (CT-7567)

Echo (CT-21-0408)

Fives (CT-5555)



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