HPWU: No Brilliant Event this week, but Community Day is this Saturday

HPWU Community Day

Now two full weeks removed from our last Brilliant Event we thought last week would be the start of the latest Brilliant Event in HPWU. But for those with high expectations last week they surely had a bit of a letdown. So there’s definitely a Brilliant Event this week, right? Wrong again. All indications are that there will not be another special even starting today and given the in-game message announcing Saturday as the next HPWU Community Day, it looks like we will have to wait anohter week to have a shot at green Spell Books.

So when will the next Brilliant Event take place? Odds are we will learn of a new special event to come in the next week or so with next Tuesday at 2 pm ET/11 am PT as the start of the next occurrence. Of course Niantic will be the ones making that call, but apparently we get another week “off” from special events and Foundables.

As for Saturday’s Community Day, here in the USA we can play from 11am-2pm PT (2-5 pm ET) with the following expected to be in play:

  • Increased Traces of Mysterious Artefacts on the Map, including Rare Traces
  • Increased appearance of Hagrid’s Umbrella, the Weasley Clock, Mirror of Erised, and Time Turner Encounters
  • All Exstimulo Potions will have an increased effect in Combat and in Encounters
  • 50% reduced brew time for all Exstimulo Potions
  • All Exstimulo Potions Master Notes will decrease brew time by 50% instead of 15%
  • Increased Spell Energy from Inns
  • Spell Energy will appear on the Map

In addition, all players are expected to receive the following in a Free Gift in the store:

  • 3 Strong Exstimulo Potions
  • 1 Tonic for Trace Detection
  • 9 Bitter Root
  • 12 Snowdrop
  • 3 Re’em Blood

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