SWGoH: How “Baby Yoda” Could fit into Galaxy of Heroes

The Mandalorian

Since the end of the first Chapter of The Mandalorian when “The Child” made his debut, fans have been asking how the “Baby Yoda” looking creature could fit into Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. While The Child has shown helpful tendencies in his use of the force on the show, and Chapter 7 adds to this, the officially unnamed character has, for the most part, been adorable, mysterious and intriguing more than anything else.

So how could “Baby Yoda” fit into Galaxy of Heroes? This is a great question that was addressed on a recent Live Stream from former GameChanger and popular YouTuber MobileGamer. In the video which has “Baby Yoda Confirmed” in the title, a clever way to get a few extra clicks, a fan suggested that The Child could be summoned by Mando’s character into the 6th spot for battle. Similar to the way the Geonosian Brood Alpha summons the Geonosian Brute or ARC Trooper summons the Blaster Turret, Baby Yoda enters in the 6th spot with 1000% evasion. The idea, when first read by MobileGamer on his live stream, was one that you could see that he really liked.

So what would The Child’s kit look like? Well I am not one of those guys who makes up character kits, but a Stun mechanic to parallel his initial use of the force against the Mudhorn seems logical, and given his propensity to attempt to heal, a Hermit Yoda style heal also makes sense.

So what do you think? Could we see Mando and Baby Yoda in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes in the near future? I know I, for one, would open up my wallet for that Marquee! Let us know what you think on Twitter @GamingFansDFN.

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