SWGoH: State of the Galaxy reveals two new Capital Ships, little more


The State of the Galaxy post is live on the EA SWGoH forums as we finally have proof that Capital Games is still in business. While rival studio FoxNext pumps out content weekly for Marvel Strike Force, CG is starting to wake up from their seemingly months of hibernation – all while a new Star Wars movie was released… So, after 21 days into the new year what nuggets of information did Capital Games give us?


Galactic Legends

Shortly before the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, we unveiled a new type of character: the Galactic Legend. We know you’ve been asking when, where, what, and how, so we’re going to start pulling back the curtain.

Galactic Legends will be both a new type of character and a new type of event with a very different structure than our previous entries. Over the next two months we will be gradually revealing the units required to activate the event. In March, the last batch of requirements will be revealed and later that month the events will become playable. One more thing to mention is that Galactic Legends will be 7* unlocks.

We will be revealing more about the event itself and the new Rey and Kylo units at the end of the month – stay tuned for more information!

In a nutshell, we know they will be 7-star unlocks (thank you!) and little more.


Upcoming Releases

We continue our Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker content with the introduction of Resistance Hero Poe later this week. Poe will synergize with Inspired allies and introduces a new debuff: Vulnerable. In February, we’re going to introduce two capital ships from the New Trilogy, the Raddus and the Finalizer.

The takeaways here are the two new Capital Ships – the Raddus and the Finalizer. The new Poe was revealed by CG_NotADev in the Q&A back on January 10th 😉 and his kit was released earlier in the day yesterday.


The only other info we got from this post was that they were also working on fixing some bugs specifically saying, “Our apologies that this issue has taken so long to identify and remedy,” a comment of a reactive studio, not a proactive one.


My Thoughts

Folks, let’s be real. This game is not going to get better. If you are happy with how it is today, or at least semi-content like me, then that is about all we can expect. It seems pretty clear from the outside that there are fewer resources (CG employees) dedicated to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, and they got rid of any marketing when EA laid off 350 people, nearly 4% of their workforce, in Marketing & Publishing in early 2019. That was around the time that the GameChangers liaison was let go and the result was the SWGoH GameChangers program was too much for the remaining staff to handle (remember the Darth Revan leaks from the Gear 13 Gamorrean Guard images?). While top-notch employees still exist inside the halls of Capital Games, and I consider TopHat among that group, let’s be real – the support does not seem to be there from EA or internally at CG to make Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes anything more than a game that lives on in mediocrity. That won’t keep me from playing, and I sincerely hope that I am wrong, but when it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, and it swims like a duck…

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