SWGoH: Not the Developer Q&A with CG_NotADev – 02/27/2020


Hi Holotable Heroes,

The team is getting ready for the Q&A at 12:30pm PT today. We’ve got a bunch of questions that we (will not be really) answering already from the survey so post your questions in the thread and we’ll try to (not really) answer as many as we can live!

Today’s Categories:

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  • Tech/Game Mechanics

Who’s Here Today:

  • CG_NotADev – In the office while sick, infecting all of his co-workers

(Not) Some of the CG Team getting started on your questions – (image from Dreamstime)

Keep checking back throughout the hour as we will refresh this page with new questions and answers frequently!



Q: To start, LJ from Gaming-fans.com writes, “When did the studio make the conscious decision to stop respecting the investments that your players have made into SWGoH? Specifically, it seems common that Gear 13 characters, even at Relic 7, can get one-shot by Droids in the Geonosis TB. Please advise.”

  • A: CG_NotADev – Thanks for your question LJ. Are you the same guy who writes those awesome mod guides for your site? If so kudos, they’re so well-done. Don’t tell the guys this, but your mods guides are typically more accurate than the in-game mod recommendations we publish in-game, but again, keep that between us. As for your question, we realized it in late 2018. Thanks!


Q: Are we ever going to see Legendary events or Hero’s Journey events for new characters again? Or are Epic Confrontations and Galactic Legends the new bar you have set for all major character releases moving forward?

  • A: CG_DotADev – Absolutely! Galactic Legends and Epic Confrontations exist as new ways for us to release iconic characters and interesting events, but do not replace our existing release structures. If we can figure out a way to sell you on a less important, less valuable character that makes us a lot of money we will be happy to add them.


Q: I recall, a long time ago, you guys saying that you wouldnt be putting any new marquee toons in platoons. Yet, here on the new LS Geo TB, the ship platoons are riddled with them. What gives?

  • A: CG_NotADev – Well there is a loophole that we were able to use on this on. Ha! Gotcha! (evil laugh)


Q: Any plans to add characters/update characters from Clone Wars Season 7 *cough Bad Batch *cough. Do you know why there is a different number for Echo in the episode(1409) vs. what we have in game(0408)?

  • A: CG_NotADev – We are definitely fans of Clone Wars and are excited by what we have seen so far! As for Echo’s number, he’s canonically had both designations over the course of the show. While this is not the only thing you asked, we’re going to dwell just on this part of the question in an obvious attempt to avoid the topic of new characters or new content. So in a nutshell, we’re probably not going to go and change his designation now.



Q: Are you able to share any details regarding what CG is doing next in order to relieve the tight gear crunch? The new assault tiers are much appreciated.

  • A: CG_NotADev – What do you think this is, Marvel Strike Force? You can ask and ask and ask again, but we don’t have any additional plans to alter the gear economy in the immediate future. If other developers actually listen to their player base and make adjustments to make the game more enjoyable, that is their business!


Q: Do u plan to repeat offers like hyperdrive bundle more often or was this a one time thing?

  • A: CG_NotADev – The Hyperdrive Bundle is a one-time purchase and we do not plan on doing another version of the Hyperdrive Bundle. We simply feel like this is a one-time offer to get this much for the low, low price of $100 and did not want to risk agains allowing players to gain so much by spending so little.


Q: Will you be adding a feature to slice 4 dot mods to 5 dot? I bet there are many of us that have good speed secondaries on some 4 dots that good use a boost in stats.

  • A: CG_NotADev – We debated this a lot with the original design of mod slicing. At one point, we wanted the ability to slice a 1-dot mod all the way to 5-dot. We ultimately decided to not do this as it was too much work and there were not enough financial reasons to add such functionality.



Since there is hardly anything to talk about in terms of content this category will not be addressed today.


Tech/Game Mechanics



Q: Will you add a confirmation button for the gac registration or the chance to cancel and register again like it is with the TW registration?

  • A: CG_NotADev – No.

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