Avatar PR Commander Profile: Akwey

Akwey - Avatar Pandora Rising

Described in-game with “Send Akwey to battle enemy forces at Hunting and Gathering sites. Use Akwey’s boost to Blastbulb to wipe out clusters of enemy ground forces.” Akwey is a Rare Stalker in the Warrior Class for the Na’vi in Avatar: Pandora Rising from the Olangi Clan. He is one of five Rare Na’vi commanders as of the testing of APR in July 2020.



Class: Warrior
Rarity: Rare
Commander Tags: Stalker
Synergies: Direhorse Rider, Forest Banshee, Hellswarm, Blastbulb, Guardian, Sentinels
Commander Talents:

  • Stalker – All Towers level (+3 to +36), all Troops level (+3 to +15) when attacking any Resource Site, Loot Skill (+2,000 to 520,000) when attacking any Resource Site
  • Deathrider – Direhorse Rider (+3 to +28), Forest Banshee (+3 to +28), Hellswarm (+3 to +28)
  • Scythe – Blastbulb (+3 to +28), Guardian (+3 to +28), Sentinels (+3 to +28)

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