TFEW: Known Bug Causing Game to Freeze or Crash while Loading – Fixed?

TFEW Game Crashes

Originally published at 11:19 am ET

As players of Transformers: Earth Wars looked forward to a promising event that featured up to 1,000 5-star shards, the community has instead been met with technical difficulties even accessing the game. Developer SpaceApe has acknowledged the bug, which started mid-day on August 20th, and while they said a “Fix is also live for the game crash/loading issue” at 7:32 am ET, this does not appear to be the case. Personally, I have tried loading the game multiple times, with the shortest load time being 7 minutes so far and a game crash the other time.

An email was sent to SpaceApe Games support at 7:23 am ET. As of 3:59 pm ET that email has not been responded to. However, around 2 pm ET the game began to load properly and perform as intended again.

The recent issues with game performance for Transformers: Earth Wars are not the only technical difficulty the developers are facing currently. For several months now there has been a bug with iOS users who use GameCenter for their gaming. Players like myself also have to log out of GameCenter in order to access TFEW and then log back in if they use GameCenter for other games. While this may not be a major inconvenience for those who only play this game, it turns into quite a pain in the butt for those of us who multi-task our gaming. Despite this bug also being confirmed by SpaceApe customer service, it does not appear as a topic in the “Known Bugs” channel of the TFEW VIP chat on Discord.

To “make up” for the issues being experienced by the player base, a post in the VIP chat at 7:40 am ET stated “As compensation for this and the other issues from this morning we’re giving everyone 200 5* Shards.” All players who want to claim their free 5-star bot shards can do so at


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