SWGoH: Update to Character Shard Economy Incoming


As we approach the 5-year anniversary of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, some changes are incoming to help newer players “catch up” a bit faster. While this is limited to character shards of non-premium characters to start, it is certainly a step in the right direction. Here is part of what EA Capital Games released earlier today:

Character Shards are the first big hurdle that new players hit and it’s a hurdle that’s grown over the last 5 years, from around 60 characters at launch to now over 200 (including ships)! Our intent with this change is to help all players expand their collections faster, and in particular to help new players progress in the game. To that end we will be broadly increasing the Shard drop count for many characters. We’re also adjusting conversion rates and prices in the Shard Shop to keep these changes effectively neutral for this store.

Personally, this feels like it is about 2 years past due, but you take what you get in a mobile game that is 5 years old. While I do not agree with our friends on YouTube who are calling this “Best Galaxy of Heroes Update of All Time” and “The Best Thing That CG Has Ever Done,” again, this certainly is a step in the right direction for the future of SWGoH and for younger players in the game.

For the entire post on the Galaxy of Heroes forums, click here.

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