SWGoH: Skelturix’s Boss Guides for Conquest in Hard Mode

SWGoH - Conquest Boss

Conquest in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is the newest game mode and allows players to face a sequence of progressively more challenging battles, with each sector headed by a boss battle. In these Conquest boss battles, players look to accomplish different feats, which are similar to the feats we have in the Grand Arena Championships and Galactic Challenges, in an effort to maximize the reward for defeating that sector’s boss.

Our fellow former SWGoH Gamechanger Skelturix continues to be one of the best resources in the SWGoH community as he instructs in his style from his YouTube channel with videos showing how to earn the full rewards on all of the five sector bosses for the current Conquest in Hard Mode. Below we take a look at each boss battle to earn full feats and maximize your prize chest. Just click the text links or Skelturix’s logo to see his efforts on YouTube and be sure to Like and Subscribe to his channel for more videos to help you better understand this great game.

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