SWGoH: Second round of Jedi Master Kenobi requirements announced by CG

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

As players prepare for the newest Galactic Legend to be added to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Jedi Master Kenobi, we now know a few more of the required characters and Relic levels needed to unlock JMK. EA Capital Games posted earlier this evening and five more characters are now known, four of which are connected to the Clone Wars. The five characters include:

  • Qui Gon Jinn – Relic 3
  • IG-100 Magnaguard – Relic 5
  • Clone Sergeant – Phase I – Relic 5
  • Wat Tambor – Relic 7
  • General Grievous – Relic 7

While Qui-Gon was expected, many endgame players will be happy with these requirements given the value of these characters and their use in Territory Battles and Territory Wars. General Grievous is a character that was a popular first choice to go to Relic 7 when Relics were added to SWGoH in the Fall of 2019, and IG-100 MagnaGuard was a common choice during the initial General Skywalker event.

Only 5 more characters are yet to be announced and we expect to know who they are in two weeks as Gaming-fans.com will be sure to keep up with the Galactic Legend requirements for Jedi Master Kenobi.

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