SWGoH: Hera Syndulla & Imperial Probe Droid gain new Omicron abilities

Imperial Probe Droid - SWGoH

Phoenix Rebel leader Hera Syndulla and the star of The Empire Strikes Back, the Imperial Probe Droid are the latest recipient of new Omicron abilities in Galaxy of Heroes. While both were expected to be getting an Omicron ability upgrade based on previous news releases, it is likely that these are the final two Omicrons to be introduced in SWGoH until 2022.

Hera Syndulla, one of the main characters in the Star Wars Rebels animated series, now has an Omicron upgrade added to her leader ability Rise Together that adds the following text:

While in Territory Wars: Phoenix allies have +30% counter chance, +50% Max Health, and +30 Speed. When Hera uses Backup Plan, all Phoenix allies gain the Backup Plan buff for 3 turns. The first time each other Phoenix ally falls below 50% Health, Hera gains 80% Turn Meter. Whenever a Phoenix ally uses a Special ability, all Phoenix allies gain 10% Offense (stacking) until they’re defeated.

Whether this will make the Phoenix Squadron relevant in Territory Wars for guilds of all levels remains to be seen, but this is a significant improvement to a faction that was a lot of fun to use when they were first released, but has suffered from the game’s natural power creep and evolution.

As for the Imperial Probe Droid, this support character gains the following text in Territory Battles:

While in Territory Battles: At the start of battle, Imperial Probe Droid loses all Protection and gains that much Max Health. Imperial Probe Droid can be revived after using Self-Destruct and ignores Taunt. At the start of each encounter, Imperial Probe Droid is revived with 100% Health. Whenever Imperial Probe Droid uses Self-Destruct, the target enemy takes additional damage equal to 200% of Imperial Probe Droid’s Max Health and other Empire allies gain Offense equal to 300% of Imperial Probe Droid’s Offense (stacking) until they’re defeated.

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