The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Fire Temple Walkthrough

TLOZ Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda games have become an iconic and beloved franchise within the realm of video games. Since its debut in 1986, this fantasy-adventure series has captured the imaginations of millions of players worldwide. Developed by Nintendo, each installment follows the daring hero, Link, on a quest to rescue Princess Zelda and defeat the malevolent Ganon. With their rich storytelling, immersive worlds, and innovative gameplay mechanics, the Legend of Zelda games have earned a reputation for excellence and have left an indelible mark on the gaming industry. From the iconic music to the unforgettable characters, these games continue to captivate players, transcending generations and cementing their status as timeless classics.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was released in mid-May 2023 and continues the saga of Link as we look at the Fire Temple.


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Fire Temple

The 5 Padlocks

1st Floor:

For the first of the 5 Padlock, use a minecart to go across a big lava lake, and then use Yunobo’s ability to launch him off a rock and into the blockage, that will lead you to the first gong/padlock, then taking the minecart again will take you up to next main point that you should arrive at is on the 2nd Floor.

The fourth Padlock requires you to travel through the 4th Floor.


2nd Floor: 

From the ramp on the minecart track, you will find a lava pool. Using a hydrant to get across, you will encounter a Soldier Construct IV and the second gong/padlock. The next main point is on the 3rd Floor.


3rd Floor/4th Floor/5th Floor:

3rd Floor Minecart Room: 

On this floor there are a lot of rails in one big room. On the opposite side of the entrance rail there is a Captain Construct III, behind him are some Zonai Devices and a Chest. There is also a crystal that will unlock an elevator.

The Northwest Minecart will lead to a Chest with a “Strong Zonaite Shield.” Taking that same minecart up to the 4th Floor will lead you to a Soldier Construct IV and a Chest with 10 arrows, and afterwards you can take a minecart to the 5th Floor where you will find a Soldier Construct II.

The North minecart (not the one you arrived on) will take you to the same area as the Northwest minecart did, so instead use the ramp to go up to the 4th Floor with the North minecart. On the minecart, you will be stuck in a circle with a Soldier Construct IV on another minecart. After Defeating the Construct, there is a bit of land with stairs where you must jump off. There you will find a lava pool with a water spout, using the rocks from the mix of water and lava, you can create a very long bridge to get up to the third gong/padlock, then using the bridge you created, you can get over to the blockage in the wall and use Yonobo’s ability to remove it. There you will find a pit with a Chest containing a “Soldier IV Reaper” another Chest with a “Strong Zonite Longsword” and you will find the fourth gong/padlock.

The Southwest minecart track is broken, so you must use rockets to boost your minecart across the gap, on the 4th Floor you will find a Soldier Construct IV. There is also a Chest around a wall with 10 arrows.

Not required – To go up, half the rail is broken, so you can attach a hook to the minecart and ride the half rail across. There you will find a Chest containing a Ruby. To get to the gong, you can climb up to it from the area with the Construct. Then you will arrive at the fifth and final gong/padlock.


The Boss:

Marbled Gohma:

Use Yonobo’s ability, you can take out his legs. When you take him down, hit his eye to do damage.

At half health he moves to the ceiling. It is harder to take down his legs now, so when he traps you, use Yonobo to break out.

After the fight you get a heart container.


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