Bendy Girl & The Witch

Bendy Girl & The Witch is a recurring event in Marvel Strike Force that requires just two characters, Ms. Marvel and Scarlet Witch. It is described in-game with “Ms. Marvel must work with Scarlet Witch to find a way to unbind the M’Kraan Crystal from her body before catastrophe strikes.”

All battles in the Bendy Girl & The Witch event require a 3-star or higher Ms. Marvel and Scarlet Witch. Rewards are given based on the tier you beat and you cannot advance to a higher tier until the lower tiers have been defeated. Here is a look at the rewards we have available at this time:

Tier I – Scientific Hypothesis – N/A

Tier II – Yarrr! – N/A

Tier III – Hands Off The Merch – N/A

Tier IV – The Unbinder – 2,000 Mega Orb Fragments

Tier V – Subpar Situation – 60 Advanced Basic Catalyst Parts

Tier VI – Hope Yards – 5 Advanced Isomer, 5 Advanced Parchment, 5 Advanced Syringe, 5 Advanced Esoteric Glyphs & 5 Advanced MRI

Tier VII – Underground Invasion – 250 T4 Ability Materials