MSF Iso-8

Iso-8, aka mods or character modifications, are a feature that FoxNext/Scopely publicly mentioned multiple that is coming to Marvel Strike Force. After a BETA test in October 2019, the developers held a second BETA test in June 2020 that included Director of Content, LJ. Key to the Iso-8 mods coming to MSF are the ability to craft materials and enhance characters while not impacting the character’s speed

Akonáhle bude funkcia Iso-8 aktívna v hre pre Marvel Strike Force, preskúma Najlepšie vylepšenia systému Iso-8 pre každý znak v zozname MSF. Bude to podobné našej Najlepší obsah v režime Mods pre SWGoH a dúfame, že to pomôže hráčom na celom svete lepšie vylepšiť svoje postavy MSF.

Najlepšie vylepšenia systému Iso-8:

Below is a list of character Iso-8 pages where we review the best Iso-8 to enhance their kits. Note that these are written based on assumptions on how Iso-8 will work and these do not represent any data from Playtesting or inside information. In fact, since being involved in the second Playtesting of Iso-8, we have purposely NOT added any new content below. These are based on the stats needed to strengthen these characters to make them more effective and will remain that way until Iso-8 is released to the world in Marvel Strike Force.

Iso-8 for MSF Characters

Iso-8 for MSF Characters

  • A.I.M. Assaulter
  • Amerika Chávez
  • Black Bolt
  • Black Panther
  • Kapitán Amerika
  • Kapitán Marvel
  • kolos
  • krištáľ
  • Kyklop
  • Drax
  • sokol
  • Gamora
  • Groot
  • HAND Blademaster
  • Hela
  • Ľudská baterka
  • Neviditeľná žena
  • Ironheart
  • Karnak
  • Killmonger
  • M'Baku
  • Minn-Erva
  • Pán Fantastický