SWGoH 101: Territory Wars Guide – Defense Phase Tips

Defense Phase Tips:

So, you are now looking at an empty map that needs a lot of teams to fill it up. At this point guilds might have players dedicated to defense (often because of real life commitments), but the overall goal is for each player to put in 1 fleet and 4-5 teams on defense. As a guild leader or officer, nothing makes us happier than seeing 100s beside everyone’s name in the defense score sheet.

Every guild has a different approach, but in the defense heavy meta a front loaded wall of strong teams protecting the squishy insides has become quite viable in the 100mgp range. This is especially true for protecting fleets. If your guild can prevent your opponents from getting fleets you cut off millions of gp that never gets to hit the battlefield and impact the score.

So how do we stifle our opponents attack? Well, the way we build our teams is composed of several criteria:

  • A team that is easy for the AI to use.
  • Has a source of turn meter generation or alteration.
  • Has a way to heal/sustain.
  • Has a good taunt.
  • Has a viable source of damage output.
  • Lastly, but not required, a way to revive.

After laying out the criteria, it is easy to see why characters like CLS have become all-stars on defense – it is super easy to hit everything on this check list. Using a solid leadership plus these building blocks will lead to effective defensive teams.

So, let’s break down some of the best teams you should be using on defense. We are looking to place one team in each section, starting with fleets.

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