SWGoH 101: Territory Wars Guide – Farming and Zetas

Farming Tips

Whether you are just starting to get serious about TW or are playing in at 100m+ GP guild, there are some general takeaways from the effectiveness of the above teams that can help you find more success in TW.

Of course, mix and match these farming ideas with what you are currently doing for Arena, as many good characters in TW won’t help you climb that ladder for those sweet, sweet crystal payouts.



There are a lot of zetas in the game, and a lot you can spread around these teams. The goal is focusing in on the zetas with the biggest payoff. These are generally leadership zetas, which can raise up a team of five characters with just one zeta. R2 gets his own callout here because his zetas are easily the best in the game.

  1. zFinn: It’s no secret that this is still one of the best zetas in the game. It helps in every area (Arena being the least impact), and gives you a team that can wrangle with the best of them. The best part is that this zeta let’s you field a team where you only have to worry about speed on one character (Poe), and you can cut corners on gear. Often a team of G8-9 can beat a G10 team once the expose train leaves the station.
  2. Nightsisters: A team that is very well positioned for DSTB, Arena, HAAT, and TW. A zeta on Talzin or Asajj and you can almost field two team (NS and Nute). You can then make a choice to pick up the zeta uniques on Asajj and Talzin for improved combat prowess.
  3. KRU and Kylo: With this duo of zetas you turn the squad you have to farm for BB8 into a TW machine. Also fantastic in DSTB and even arena. Has the benefit of piloting an amazing ship, so take it to the max!
    • The decision here comes down to either zKRU or zMaul for the 2nd line. Go with whichever team you have geared up the most, as both characters have great ships and are obnoxious in TW.
    • They both also demand a second zeta, whether it is on Kylo or Savage, to be really good. Be aware, however, that zKRU is much better in DSTB, Arena, the HAAT, and helps you unlock BB8.
  4. JTR: With just one leadership zeta, you are off to the races. Only fourth because it’s a long, hard farm to even unlock her. Add in the BB8 zeta and you’ve got a nasty duo that can pair up with anyone to win.
  5. CLS and Friends: This team soaks up zetas. The benefit is that you probably already dumped into these fine rebel scum, and they are just amazing everywhere you can use them. They are only lower on the list because it’s a bucket of zetas to see them become true monsters (Raid Han, CLS unique, Old Ben Taunt/Unique, Fulcrum Insta-Kill-Whirlwind-of-Death).
  6. zVeers: I adore this team and, just like Finn, the inclusion of just one zeta takes them over the top. If it wasn’t for the rebel meta, they could easily be a #1 arena team (stupid retaliates everywhere). Also, like Finn, they are a predominately PVE team, which will help your guild immensely in DSTB. They do have one Arena upside, however, and that is for Nightsister assassination. Add Starck’s zeta for extra spice.
  7. QGJ: Another zeta that can make a team of underwhelming characters a pain to deal with. Much Foresight, much win. I just wish this team had a bit more punch in the other game modes (CG: a rework PLEASE).
  8. Barriss: Last on the list of notable zetas because of JTR and because we may want to use GK with our Nightsister team. However, this character’s zeta is still fantastic on defense or offense to either help beat CLS/NS or create a roadblock that forces your opponents to use a good team.
  9. Other Zetas: Those are the zetas I would go for first. There are plenty of great zetas left in the game, but they generally impact just a character rather than a whole team. After picking up the above zetas, I would consider grabbing some Phoenix zetas (starting with Sabine), Thrawn’s Ebb and Flow, and other leadership abilities, like Tarkin or Krennic.

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