SWGoH 101: Territory Wars Guide – Offense Phase

Offense Phase

Once you have put in the time and built your defensive teams the real hard part of TW begins. Just like our approach to defense, we want to make several teams on offense that don’t overlap. We want to steal bits of tech from the Arena meta and build teams to counter what we think our opponents are going to be putting up.

Ideally we will end up with 4 strong teams and a couple of fleets to burn everything to the ground with. The offensive phase comes down to who has the best resource management and who was able to correctly threat assess and not waste GP to take out enemy teams. This will make for some tough choices, as certain characters can make bad teams good and good teams great, so you have to decide how to use them.


The Teams


So, we should have Admiral Ackbar, Tarkin, and Windu left for offense. For Windu, we can run the same team as in the defense section. For the others, let’s see how we can divide up the ships for success.

There is a high chance we don’t have Biggs for attacking, so we need to think of other ways to win than target lock heal spam. These fleets try to use none of the ships that were used for defense (except Bistan/Reaper). If you don’t have the chimera or one of these capital ships geared up, feel free to optimize these lists as you see fit, as this list is stretching what our ships can do to the max.

Home One: Phoenix Duo, Cassian, Wedge, +1 (maybe Bistan).
Essentially, this team becomes how many times can I make Wedge attack? Use The shared stealth to protect wedge and call him to assist as much as possible. Use Bistan on enemy Tie Fighters. And then use your powered up ghost from all the stealth to aoe down the opponent. Its not foolproof, but it can tangle with good teams.

Tarkin/Chimera Leftovers: Sun Fac, FoTP/Silencer, Command Shuttle, Slave 1, +1 (maybe Reaper).
Regardless of which you have on defense, you are going to jam your remaining Dark Side ships here. We are hoping for target locks into FoTP special spam (with a nice buff from the Command Shuttle), or using Silencer to spam stuns (depending on which you put on defense).

  • A neat trick is using the Chimera basic to help get target locks from Sun Fac, and using the Command Shuttle to get Boba ult off a bit faster. The command shuttle can also shut down Biggs!
  • The Falcon out of the reserves of Tarkin can be devastating. As is using the scimitar on it.

Reserves: This is tough. We want to have at least 3 good reserve ship on our defensive fleet, so that leaves us with slim pickings for attacking. Usually you can afford 1-2 reserves. Think about combing slow ships like the Falcon with retaliate, and using ships like Poe to take out enemy tie fighters.
Special Note: Farm KRU and tie silencer every day. Do it now. Your fleets, fleet arena rank, and guildmates will thank you.



So, we have placed our teams on defense, and now we have to make something of the scraps we have left. Thankfully, there are several good teams to choose from. For this, we will go into what makes these teams good, and look at who you can counter with them.

zJTR: zBB8 +4.

Wait, I thought this was a defensive team? Well, it is actually also the best offensive team in the game. It counters everything, but godly Nightsisters. If you can place a CLS team and save JTR, you are headed for a much better time in TW. Something you will have to decide is whether or not to run R2, since adding R2 to a team can make them counter zMaul. I personally run JTR, BB8, K2SO, Scav Rey, B2/flex spot.

zFinn: Resistance Trooper, Poe, Resistance Pilot, +1.

The PVE all star and best zeta in the game. If you don’t have this team, get it. Especially with the new characters coming we will have even more choice. The plus one comes down to how you want to use Scav Rey, here or on JTR. Often just the four base can take out a much stronger GK+zBarriss or even CLS team (Be very, very careful if you send this against CLS – pick a weaker, slower one, and get the zfinn stun off asap). A clever 5th is Cassian, for additional debuffs and expose.

zVeers (Imp Troopers): Storm Trooper, Magma Trooper, Snow Trooper, Starck.

You might notice that there is no Death Trooper or Shore in this list. Those characters are much better under Thrawn/zKrennic/Tarkin in the defense section. The hardest part about the Trooper/Empire teams is dividing them up neatly, and so far this seems like the best way to do it. This team is perfect for killing Nightsisters, especially if they have an undergeared Zombie. They are also good against teams with no counter attacks (beware of CLS and Phoenix). If you find a NS team, watch it die in under 20 seconds.

Rogue One: The full faction.

Another team from the defense section, but a team that can just crush out victories against zMaul, weaker GK+Barriss teams, and many others. This is perhaps one of the worst AI teams in the game, and still great it if you take bits and pieces of it apart to form others teams (such as Chaze under Rex to crush JTR). These guys can beat CLS, but that is mostly on the backs of Chaze. So feel free to tear em up and use them in different teams.

Wiggs + 3 Rebels: The hodgepodge team.

A great way to use all those rebels you have kicking around. I use them with the Hoth Bros and Lando to beat on weak NS teams (the heal and AoE, so good). You can also go less AoE with a STHan to take advantage of Retaliates to beat CLS/Phoenix (Beware of Thrawn). The last option is running Officer Leia lead and crushing on an Empire team.

Clones: zCody L, Clone Sargent, Echo, Fives, +1.

Another team from the bygone era of hard HAAT that many have. Do not waste Rex on this team, for the love of god. Use them to take out a non-meta team. They aren’t that great, but you can make them better by making Cody fast. Try adding Leia for more Cody ultimates, Scariff Rebel Pathfinder for tankiness and TM gain on the Cody ult, or Aayla for Stuns with Cody. Not a great team, but it can get its points back.

Rex Lead: Number of options.

Rex serves many purposes here, and his team can be built in a variety of ways. Combine him with Chaze to just smash Nightsisters or zMaul (Chaze counters the stealth/Zombie/Talzin while Rex counters their TM gain). Then add some damage toons like a Boba and you should have no problem securing the win. Rex can also hard counter JTR and can do work against CLS. His leadership is still one of the best in the game, and never, ever, ever waste him on defense. Scale up the team as high or as low as you need for what you want to take out, and viola, success. And, of course, and Nihilus for maximum triple cleanse memories. I personally like Rex, Nihilus, Chaze, Boba/Thrawn.


Thank god this character is going free to play. Get ready for an excellent team that can put out a lot of damage, and has a nice passive from the TW. Use FOO to buff FOTP and crush your enemies. This team can beat any team in the meta right now, provided you have them geared up. They are tough to play, and shouldn’t be on defense if you don’t have the zetas (and certainly on defense if you do). If not geared up, try em out against weaker phoenix or non-meta teams.

zKylo: Shout out to zKylo here.

He can beat teams alone, or be sent in to pick off remains of a lost battle. Really good with KRU, but also amazing under a Rex or Boba lead.

QGJ: Yoda, Anakin, Aayla, Ahsoka Tano.

The speed buff from QGJ, even if not zeta’d, makes this squad good on offense. It can take out anything, poorly modded. Ideally, it won’t have Old Ben, GK, R2, or Ezra, so you are making use of your remaining Jedi. But, QGJ really helps them speed up and you can use Aayla and Ahsoka to keep the dream alive.

Boba Fett: Number of options.

This is another general leadership that is great to use with leftover toons. He is also amazing against Nightsisters and ability/buff heavy teams (JTR, cough cough), but will often lead a parade of losers to victory as well. You can also try to run a Bounty Hunter team, with Zam and Greedo powering TM gain. It doesn’t require either of those characters to be maxed gear to fight lower powered teams, like Phoenix and filler.

The Nute: With Acolyte, Zombie, Geonosian spy/FOO +1 (Leia or pre-taunt tank).

This is a fun surprise team via the NS. If you use the Asajj, Talzin, Daka, and Talia + Initiate/zBarriss team on defense/offense it frees you up for this gem. Can literally beat any team that doesn’t have an AoE dispel or zBarris (unless your Acolyte is REALLY strong). FOO serves as a fail safe if you don’t get stun on the first attack. I would also recommend avoiding Raid Han.

Mother Talzin/Asajj Lead: Nightsister team.

What you want to do is split your Nightsisters, much like we have to split our Empire. You can make two killer teams on offense – the Nute team, and the Talzin murder/resurrect team. The core is Talzin + Asajj (either as lead), with Daka and either Initiate/Talia or GK/zBarriss or Talia/GK.

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