SWGoH 101: Territory Wars Guide – TL;DR Summary

A Way Forward

For those just getting started

Like this guide, Territory Wars can be a bit daunting. Learning how to build defensive teams, what to use to counter, and all the other things can be a bit much. So, when it comes time to decide on what characters to build up for TW ,it can be a nervous undertaking. You are putting a lot of time, effort, resources, and (sometimes) money into teams and characters that might not pay off.

Hopefully, this guide gives you a starting point, but I also want to examine one way forward to improving your time on the battlefield by emphasizing on what you can build right now. They are hinted at all over the guide, and it is, of course, the Nightsisters.

With just one zeta required, and some of the easiest gearing you will ever do in the game, the Nightsisters can give you two all-star teams for TW, an amazing team for Arena and DSTB, and one of the best characters for HAAT (Asajj with unique zeta).

More specifically, you want to get your Acolyte and Zombie ready to fight under Nute. Get Zombie to just 6K GP (the less gear the better), and max out Acolyte. Acolyte is a super easy farm, and under Nute, can devastate almost any team. This first team requires no zetas, but you can zeta Leia for an easier victory. For Nute, just level him up, max his leader, and get him to 6K GP. Add in a G8 First Order Officer, and you have a super easy to farm team that is very effective. Everyone should have this.

Then, you can look to your other Nightsisters. First, decide which leadership you want to go with. I prefer Asajj because I can also use her in DSTB (my Talzin is only 4 stars, and still very effective), and her leadership is very good with her unique zeta in the HAAT. Asajj, Talia, and Old Daka have extremely easy gear farms until after G10, so get them up. Mother Talzin is the only one that requires a bit of work, but now you have another team that is excellent on offense with only one hard farm. The caveat is GK, which is a total pain to farm but also has the benefit of being the best character in the game. After that is done, it is up to you if you want to snag the unique zetas on Talzin, Old Daka, and Asajj.

In my opinion, the Nightsisters are a must-farm if you want to be successful in Territory Wars, and a super easy farm at that. Once you finish them, work on defensive teams that crossover with your Arena and Crew Member priorities until you have 4 solid teams. Then, it’s back to offense to work on teams like JTR/Finn, Troopers, Empire, and others.



Welp, that was a lot of information. Thanks for making it this far, especially if you are in my guild. This guide is not a be all, end all, but I hope it helps. It came out of a need to help my guildmates optimize for TW and make it less stressful now that everyone is running hardcore defenses.

Just remember: 4 teams + 1 fleet for defense, and 4-5 good teams for offense and you are solid.

If you are looking for four must-have teams for defense that you can work towards, I would recommend CLS, Phoenix, zMaul/First Order, Nightsisters, and a good Chimera Fleet. Then, you can mix and match your offense into some of these team ideas and build towards making a good anti-CLS team for attacks.

And, remember that many of these teams do better at different guild GP. For instance, the Nightsisters are great at lower GP on defense, but falter when your opponents can bring a lot of Trooper squads. The same goes for Phoenix, which get progressively worse the larger the rosters get (unless you zeta them). Those are just two examples, and I am sure each of you face different challenges at different GP levels. However, I really hope that this helps give some insight into what teams you can run, and then you can figure out what works for you.

Best of luck out there!

By its0v3r9000 of the Galactic Alliance.

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