SWGoH Consulting

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes has proven to be a very strategic game, but as new game modes and layers are added, its complexity has grown tremendously. No longer can a player just send their team of 5 characters into a battle and expect victory – star levels, power, mods, gear and speed all factor into success. Add in how each character impacts the Galactic Power of a roster and the power of their corresponding ship (when applicable), and the possibilities are endless.

Because of all of this, Gaming-fans.com, the leader in SWGoH strategy, tips and news, is pleased to offer the services below. Whether you are seeking guidance on your mods, need advice for the Heroic AAT (HAAT) or Territory Battles – Hoth, we are here to help out. Choose the service you wish you purchase for the reasonable fees listed, and one of our staff members will reach out to you via Line or Discord and provide the Guidance you seek.

Package A – Mod Setup Review

Package B – HAAT (Tank Takedown) Review

What You Get: A complete review of your available Mods and direct instruction on where to move individual Mods for the strongest possible Arena team. You will receive a listing of all the “From” and “To” characters as well as individualized tips on making the most of your Mods.
Requirement: SWGOH.gg profile
Cost: $6
What You Get: A complete review of your roster and how it translates to success in the Tier 6 and later the Heroic Tank Takedown Raid. We will help you understand which teams to work toward building, which characters to farm, who to place a Zeta on and more.
Requirement: SWGOH.gg profile
Cost: $8

Package C – Mod Setup & HAAT (Tank Takedown) Review

What You Get: Everything included in Packages A & B at a discounted price.
Cost: $10