Territory Battles Videos

Our efforts to bring fans the best content about Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes continues with the list of Territory Battles Walkthrough Videos below. Whether the Light Side Territory Battles, known as Rebel Assault, or the Dark Side’s Imperial Retaliation, we offer fans a chance to view walkthroughs of the Special Missions from both below.

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Territory Battles: Rebel Assault (Light Side)

Phase 1 – Special Mission (Phoenix)


Phase 2 – Special Mission (Rogue One)


Phase 3 – Special Mission – ROLO


Phase 4 – Special Mission – ROLO & CHOLO


Phase 5 – Special Mission – CLS



Territory Battles: Imperial Retaliation (Dark Side)

Phase 3 – Special Mission (Imperial Probe Droid shards)


Phase 4 – Special Mission (Ships)