Transformers EW

Transformers Earth Wars is a mobile game from Space Ape & Backflip Studios utilizing many of the iconic Generation 1 Transformers. TFEW - SideswipeThe goal of the game is to build your base and raid the bases of other players for resources, Energon being a main focus of course. Gamers will tell you that the idea is similar to the popular mobile game Clash of Clans. is pleased to cover Transformers Earth Wars (TFEW) and is dramatically expanding our coverage of TFEW thanks to the October 2017 introduction of Power Cores. Items added to bots to increase their stats and added to bases to help on defense, Power Cores are changing the way players of this Transformers game play and interact moving forward.

The game’s early battles center around Campaigns which allow the new player to unlock a 2-star Optimus Prime or Megatron, depending on if you chose the Autobots or Decepticons as your preferred faction. Other campaigns help you progress through the game including the ability to add Combiners once all of the character requirements are met.

Characters are divided into 6 different classes in Transformers Earth Wars, and Power Cores can be applied to specific characters based on their class, while some are bot-specific.

Finally, TFEW features Alliances – teams of up to 40 players – which compete in weekend team and/or individual events. Alliance events run Friday at 6/7am ET through Monday at 6/7am ET and are highly competitive for end game players as they feature rewards of supplies and bots which are helpful throughout the game.