SWGoH Events Calendar

July SWGoH Calendar of Game Events

Below is a quick look at the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes events calendar for the month to help SWGoH players across the globe plan for upcoming game events. All of these are subject to change as EA/CG controls the calendar of events in SWGoH.

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Note that because we use a Content Delivery Network (CDN), some updates to this calendar will take longer to update in certain areas of the globe than others.


July 2020 SWGoH Events


SWGoH Calendar - July 2020




Territory Battles

June 30 – Hoth: Imperial Retaliation or Geonosis: Separatist Might

July 15 – Hoth Rebel Assault or Geonosis: Republic Offensive

July 30 – Hoth: Imperial Retaliation or Geonosis: Separatist Might

> More about Territory Battles in SWGoH including walkthroughs for specific Combat Missions and all Special Missions


Territory Wars

War 129 – July 7

War 130 – July 11

War 131 – July 22

War 132 – July 26

> Our Territory Wars guide is under construction


Grand Arena Championship

7/13 – Grand Arena, Week 1

7/20 – Grand Arena, Week 2

7/27 – Grand Arena, Week 3

8/3 – Grand Arena, Week 4

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