Game Modes

In Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, there are a variety of battles that can take place, divided up into Game Modes. Depending on how serious and committed you are to the game, these battles can take up a lot of your time and be a lot of fun. Here is a look at each battle option.

Star Wars collectiblesLight & Dark Side Battles – Battle the Light/Dark Side with your crew of Light/Dark Side characters.

Cantina Battles – Battle mixed crews with your mixed crew of characters.

Squad Arena Battles – Battle other users ranked similarly using a crew of mixed characters. Higher rankings equals better rewards to use in the Arena Store.

Gallactic War Battles – Take your mixed crew and fight in up to 12 battles daily against mixed crews of opponents. Be a ready for battle 6, 9 and 11 (and 12 for many) – these are tough!

Mod Battles – Mods are used to power up your characters and personalize them to an extent. Fight Mod Battles to gain new Mods and more powerful ones to further strengthen your crew.

Guild Battles/Raids – Guilds are the same concept as alliances in other games – basically a team of other players whom you can interact with and battle with. In Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, each user is able to use their battle energy to collect up to 600 Raid Tickets for the Guild which is banked at a set time each day. The Raid tickets are then used towards one of two current Raid options – the Rancor Raid or the Tank Takedown Raid. Raids are mega battles which prove to be the most difficult enemies in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. While individuals can emerge All-Stars in the Raids, the entire Guild is (usually) needed in order to have success.

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