Star Wars GOH

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

SWGoH - 501st LegionPublisher – Electronic Arts/Capital Games
Platform – Android, iOS
Release DateĀ  – November 24, 2015

Longevity – A+
Studio Confidence – C-
In-game Performance – A-
Fun/enjoyment – B
True to IP – A-
Game Crashing/Reliability – A
New/Fresh Content – D+
FTP Friendly – B-
Customer Service/Support – C
Downloads & Growth – B-

Overall Rating – B

Play SWGoH on BlueStacks Notes – Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes was released in late 2015 and quickly became one of my personal, all-time favorites. As a Star Wars fan, it helps players connect with (most of) their favorite characters and learn names of other, lesser-known characters as well. The developers of the game, EA and Capital Games along with both Disney and Lucas Film, continue to keep the game moving forward and evolving, but this is something that became a real challenge in 2019 and beyond. The entire calendar year of 2019 only saw players get more PTP content (gear and Relics) and a reskinned Territory Battles mode as the game struggles to stay fresh despite the SWGoH community clamoring for more. is proud to be one of the most thorough and respected sources of SWGoH content online today and is a go-to for players to learn about the best mods for these Star Wars heroes and individual SWGoH character Relic reviews. As one of the former SWGoH GameChangers, I have had a more in-depth collection of experiences than most and have been inside the doors of Capital Games, able to see a lot behind the scenes. I have watched time and time again while the studio struggles to release new content in a timely or accurate fashion, and despite my many offers to help on proofreading and communications, the studio continues to publicly view their former content creating partners as a liability rather than an asset.

My rating above is based on my overall love for Star Wars and Star Wars content in general. New players of the game would not experience many of the headaches that veterans have had to endure, so in no way am I discouraging anyone from downloading and playing SWGoH daily. I just feel that Capital Games, due possibly in large part to the executives at Electronic Arts, is really holding the game back and is not allowing it to realize its true potential. Yes, SWGoH has made nearly one billion dollars in just over 4 years, but it is my educated opinion that Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes could be much greater than it has ever been, even at its peak in February 2018.

– LJ, Director of Content,, February 2020

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