Omicron Abilities & Materials

When Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes first introduced Omicron Materials, aka “Ability Material Omicron,” it once again completely changed the landscape of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes like Zeta Materials did years ago. One of many factors needed to upgrade characters, Omicron materials are more situational with bonuses given initially to characters in specific game modes like Territory Wars and the Grand Arena, to start. Below we take a look at the Omicron abilities of characters in SWGoH and give our take on the importance of each Omicron upgrade.


Territory Wars Omicron Abilities

Boba Fett, Scion of Jango – Boba Fett SoJ has three Omicron abilities, all of which look to be significant additions to his viability inside of Territory Wars – some have said that his Omicron abilities make him a Galactic Legend level character in Territory Wars. We have added an Omicron priority list for Boba Fett, SoJ to help out, but it is up to the individual as to whether they want to invest an Omicron upgrade onto a character who can help them right now, or save their Omicrons for other characters.

Omicron Abilities - SWGoHCaptain Phasma – Leader – “While in Territory Wars: Additional +10% chance to call a random ally to assist. Captain Phasma has +100 Speed. Whenever a First Order ally attacks out of turn, First Order allies recover 5% Health and Protection. Whenever a First Order ally gains Advantage, they also gain 10% Offense (stacking) for the rest of the battle and all First Order allies gain 7.5% Turn Meter.”

Chief Nebit – Leader – “While in Territory Wars: When a Jawa ally deals damage to an enemy, they dispel all buffs on that enemy. For every buff dispelled, that enemy is inflicted with a Thermal Detonator for 2 turns, which can’t be dispelled, prevented, or resisted.
When an enemy takes damage from a Thermal Detonator, Jawa allies recover 5% Health and Protection, gain 5% Turn Meter, and there is a 50% chance that enemy is inflicted with a Thermal Detonator for 2 turns, which can’t be dispelled, prevented, or resisted.”

Darth Sidious – Unique – “While in Territory Wars: If all allies are Sith at the start of battle, Sith allies gain Max Health equal to half of Darth Sidious’ Potency until the first time he is defeated (excludes Galactic Legends). When Darth Sidious uses Demoralizing Blows, the cooldown of the ability is reduced by 1 for each other Sith ally and Darth Sidious gains 50 Speed for 4 turns.”

Hera Syndulla – Leader – “While in Territory Wars: Phoenix allies have +30% counter chance, +50% Max Health, and +30 Speed. When Hera uses Backup Plan, all Phoenix allies gain the Backup Plan buff for 3 turns. The first time each other Phoenix ally falls below 50% Health, Hera gains 80% Turn Meter. Whenever a Phoenix ally uses a Special ability, all Phoenix allies gain 10% Offense (stacking) until they’re defeated.”

Mara Jade, The Emperor’s Hand – Unique – “While In Territory Wars: At the start of battle, if the enemy Leader is not a Galactic Legend they lose 100% Protection, 50% Max Protection, and Mara Jade gains 100% Turn Meter. Whenever an enemy unit is defeated, all allies gain 20% Max Protection and Mara Jade inflicts Vulnerable for 1 turn on a random enemy, which can’t be evaded or resisted.”


Grand Arena Championships Omicron Abilities

When Omicron abilities first came out the ability to prioritize these precious items was easier than it is today. Now that the GAC has replaced the Squad Arena for some rewards, it has shifted the value of GAC-specific Omicron abilities significantly.

Chief Chirpa – Leader – “While in Grand Arenas: Ewok allies have +30 Speed. Ewok allies deal an additional 40% more damage with Basic abilities and have an additional 40% chance to call an Ewok ally to assist when using a Special ability.”

Darth Talon – Unique – “While in Grand Arenas: If target enemy is inflicted with Isolate or Pain, Darth Talon’s attacks gain additional effects. Whenever Darth Talon defeats an enemy, all other Sith allies gain 5% Max Protection and 5% Offense for each stack of Loyal Hand on her.

Isolate: Darth Talon’s attacks lower the cooldown of Dark Frenzy by 1. Gain 2 stacks of Loyal Hand (max 20).

Pain: Dark Frenzy inflicts Buff Immunity on all enemies for 2 turns. Darth Talon’s attacks recover all allies’ Health equal to 50% of the damage dealt, doubled for allied Darth Sion. Gain +20 Speed for the rest of the encounter (stacking, max 200) and 1 stack of Loyal Hand (max 20).”

Dash Rendar – Leader – “While in Grand Arena: If an ally loses Prepared, they gain Prepared.”

Iden Versio – Leader – Exact text will be confirmed ASAP.

Qui-Gon Jinn – Leader – “While in Grand Arena: Jedi allies instead gain Offense equal to 30 times their Speed, doubled while they have Foresight. At the start of battle if there are no Galactic Legends and all allies are Jedi, Jedi allies can’t be defeated if Qui-Gon Jinn is active. Qui-Gon Jinn can’t gain Damage Immunity or Stealth and he can’t be revived. When Qui-Gon Jinn is defeated, all Jedi allies recover 100% Health and Protection and gain 400% of Qui-Gon-Jinn’s Offense for 2 turns.”

Rose Tico – Leader – “While in Grand Arena: All other Resistance allies also gain 10% Offense for each Exposed enemy, and they gain 5% Turn Meter whenever a Resistance ally scores a critical hit.”

Starkiller – Starkiller, like Boba Fett, Scion of Jango, has three Omicron upgrades, only for Starkiller they are all in the Grand Arena. One of his special abilities and two of his uniques have Omicrons, the best of which reads:

Unique – “While in Grand Arenas: If the conditions for this ability were met at the start of battle, all of the following bonuses are also gained:

  • At the start of battle, Jedi Tank allies Taunt for 1 turn
  • All allies have +35 Speed
  • Debuffed enemies deal 50% less damage
  • Whenever a Sith ally uses a Basic ability, Starkiller assists, dealing 20% less damage
  • Whenever another Dark Side Unaligned Force User uses a Special ability, all allies gain Critical Hit Immunity for 1 turn
  • Whenever Starkiller uses a Special ability, Light Side Healer allies have their cooldowns reduced by 4, and Jedi Tank allies gain Damage Immunity and Taunt for 1 turn”

Zam Wesell – Unique – “While in Grand Arena: Zam instead gains 60% increases to her Offense, Max Health, and Max Protection. Zam gains 5% Speed for each other Bounty Hunter ally. Bounty Hunter allies gain 20% of Zam’s current Offense, Max Protection, Max Health, and Speed until the first time she is defeated.”


Territory Battles Omicron Abilities

Until a new Territory Battle event rolls out, and rumors are swirling that one is in the works, the Territory Battle-specific Omicron abilities are mostly irrelevant for endgame players and only mid-level players will see value here.

Carth Onasi – Leader – “While in Territory Battles: Old Republic allies have +20% counter chance, Max Health, and Defense for each Old Republic ally. Whenever an Old Republic ally uses a Special ability, they inflict 4 Damage Over Time effects on the selected target, which can’t be evaded, and then Carth is called to assist. Whenever an Old Republic ally attacks out of turn, they recover 5% Health and Protection and gain 25% Offense (stacking) until the end of the encounter.”

Imperial Probe Droid – Unique – While in Territory Battles: At the start of battle, Imperial Probe Droid loses all Protection and gains that much Max Health. Imperial Probe Droid can be revived after using Self-Destruct and ignores Taunt. At the start of each encounter, Imperial Probe Droid is revived with 100% Health. Whenever Imperial Probe Droid uses Self-Destruct, the target enemy takes additional damage equal to 200% of Imperial Probe Droid’s Max Health and other Empire allies gain Offense equal to 300% of Imperial Probe Droid’s Offense (stacking) until they’re defeated.

Kyle Katarn – Unique – “While in Territory Battles: Enemies can’t gain bonus Turn Meter and Force Influence can’t be resisted. When Kyle Katarn attacks out of turn, he gains an additional stack of Force Connection, and the bonuses of Jedi Knight also apply to other Jedi allies. At the start of each encounter, all Jedi and Rebel Fighter allies gain 75% bonus Protection until the end of the encounter. At the start of each encounter, Kyle Katarn gains 10% Turn Meter for each other Jedi ally.”

Rebel Officer Leia Organa – Leader – “While in Territory Battles: Rebel allies have +35% Speed. Rebel allies recover 100% Health and Protection at the start of each encounter and whenever another Rebel ally is defeated. When a Rebel ally critically hits an enemy, all Rebel allies gain 5% Turn Meter, doubled if it’s their turn. When a Rebel ally is defeated, all Rebel allies gain 100% of that ally’s Offense (stacking) until they’re defeated.”