Which Characters First? Mod Challenges

Mod Challenges

Mods are an incredibly complex part of an already complex game. With so many moving parts involved with Mods, we cover the specifics in several places, including Best Mods for specific characters, Mod Packs, and How to Farm Mods.

With regard to which characters should be attained first, Mod Challenges will become a focus by the time a player reaches Level 50+.

There are 8 different Mod Sets, each with their own Challenges and each requiring different factions to unlock and farm. The ultimate goal with Mod Set Challenges is to 3-star Tier III of each challenge, allowing the challenge to be simmable and aid in farming mods more quickly.

The different Mod Set Challenges are below listed, along with their respective Faction and the ease of gaining the characters necessary for each faction.


Mod Set Faction Ease Note
Health Anyone Easy Gained with first five 7* toons
Defense Jedi Easy Gained by Yoda prep
Critical Damage Jawas Average All 5 Jawas required, but only at 5*-6* to complete Tier 3 at 3*
Critical Chance Scoundrels Easy Gained by Credit Heist prep
Tenacity Rebels Easy Gained by EP prep
Offense First Order Hard Most difficult with 2 characters only on LS/DS Nodes
Potency Empire Easy Gained by R2 prep
Speed Resistance Hard Very small faction with limited use

Farming characters for Mod Set Challenges should be prioritized as follows:

  1. Jawas for Critical Damage
  2. Resistance for Speed
  3. First Order for Offense

Prioritization Rationale:

Critical Damage is one of the most important of the mod sets and should be a player’s first priority when working on the mod challenges. Since Jawas generally have a limited function elsewhere in the game, it is highly advisable to begin farming them to complete the Critical Damage Mod Set Challenge as soon as possible after a strong foundation roster has been made.

Potency mods belong specifically on characters that apply debuffs and, while this Mod Set should be 3-starred early, acquiring five 5* Empire characters is relatively simple while continuing to farm for other purposes.

Tenacity and Critical Chance are useful, but are not prioritized over other mod sets. Also, there are plenty of available Rebels, and Scoundrels are required for Credit Heists, so the toons for these Mod Sets will both be acquired naturally.

Health mods will make up the bulk of all mods a player will acquire at first as these require any five toons at 5* (preferably 7* to easily 3-star the challenges). There are no specific toons to farm for Health.

Defense is a more complicated stat that is useful mainly on Tanks, and even then only for specific situations. The Defense Mod Challenge requires Jedi, which will already be farmed in preparation for Yoda’s Legendary event, so there’s no need to focus farming characters specifically for Defense mods.

Offense mods will be one of the hardest, slowest farms. With exactly 5 First Order characters, the options are already limited and, of those 5, two characters are only available through Light/Dark Side battles. Offense is also a more nuanced stat that does not have as direct an impact on a character like Crit Damage or Speed. As such, farming characters for Offense mods should be left as an end-game goal.

Speed Mods:
Speed mods are initially prized since Speed is the single most important stat for any toon. That said, the overall Speed Set boost is limited in comparison with what can be found in Speed secondaries on individual mods.

For example, a complete set requires 4 Speed mods to provide +10% Speed (at Mod Level 15). That +10% bonus comes from a character’s unmodded base Speed. A character with a base Speed of 150 (from the kit + gear) will only receive a maximum of +15 Speed from 4 Speed mods, regardless if there are six other Speed secondaries that provide more Speed each. The +10% boost often pales in comparison to Speed secondaries that can go up to +26 Speed on just a single mod.

Also, with a limited set of Resistance characters, some who are more niche farms with more limited uses (Finn, Pilot, Trooper), characters for the Speed Mod Set Challenge should be left for later farming.

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Last updated: 8/25/17