Like, Totally Jubilee

The Like, Totally Jubilee event in Marvel Strike Force took place for the first time in February 2021 requiring 5 Pym Tech characters to unlock Jubilee, who opens at 5-stars (310 shards). You must beat all lower tiers before advancing to the next tier level. Legendary Character Events typically occur every 2-3 months and take place for 7 days initially and 3 days when they return.

Opening Legendary characters is always important for competitive players and fans alike in Marvel Strike Force, and Jubilee looks to be fantastic addition to any roster. Below I will chronicle what it takes for me to advance forward and eventually open Jubilee knowing that I should have enough to open hearth first time around as all characters are geared with the proper star numbers. Note that this is an ongoing battle over many months, so it will be updated whenever the Like, Totally Jubilee event returns to allow me to upgrade the stars on Jubilee.


My Roster of Pym Tech:

  • Ant-Man – 7 stars, 5 red stars – Level 80, Gear 14 +2 pieces, 112,185 power, Abilities 6-7-6-5 – Level 3 Striker – Iso-8 for Ant-Man
  • Wasp – 7 stars, 5 red stars – Level 80, Gear 14 +2 pieces, 114,393 power, Abilities 6-7-6-5 – Level 3 Striker – Iso-8 for Wasp
  • Stature – 5 stars, 4 red stars, 180/200 – Level 80, Gear 14 +1 piece, 86,147 power, Abilities 6-7-6-5 – Level 3 Healer – Iso-8 for Stature
  • Yellowjacket – 5 stars, 5 red stars, 78/200 – Level 80, Gear 14 +2 pieces, 95,756 power, Abilities 6-6-6-5 – Level 3 Raider – Iso-8 for Yellowjacket
  • Ghost – 5 stars, 4 red stars, 44/200 – Level 80, Gear 13 +5 pieces, 84,257 power, Abilities 6-6-6-5 – Level 3 Skirmisher – Iso-8 for Ghost


The Battles:


Tier 1 – Using the newest X-Men characters, this battle is all about getting to know Jubilee’s abilities and for those new to the Astonishing X-Men faction, test them out a bit as there is no real test here. 15 Jubilee shards and 100 gold are the reward.

Tier 2 – Now using the Pym Tech five, my team checks in at 492k and should not have trouble at any tier based on gear levels. Facing a strange combination of weak enemies, this battle provides zero challenge as the enemies cannot even take a turn against my roster. 30 Jubilee shards, 750 Mega Orb shards and 1,000 gold are the reward.

Tier 3 – Jubilee joins the Pym Tech five as I face some SHIELD and other characters, once again a strange combination. I use Wasp and Ant-Man to wipe out multiple enemies in one hit to make it faster since the provide no challenge at all. 55 Jubilee shards, 1,250 Mega Orb shards and 20k gold are the reward.

Tier 4 – Tier 4 features two Black Bolts and several other enemies from SHIELD and other factions, but again the health of the enemies is so low it makes it quite easy to beat. These battles are more to allow the players to familiarize themselves with Jubilee and her kit. 80 Jubilee shards, 2,000 Mega Orb shards and 100k gold are the reward.

Tier 5 – Tier 5 has a mix of Mutant, SHIELD and others enemies to fight as both Jubilee and Bishop join the Pym Tech five to help out. Once again, a highly-geared Pym Tech team will make short work of these enemies, but it is nice to see the progression and how these attacks from Jubilee and Bishop fare against tougher competition. The final batch of five enemies is led by Magneto, who I always look to target first in any battle, and after I kill him off it is just a matter of finishing the dual Juggernauts for the win. 130 Jubilee shards for the unlock and 250k gold are the reward.

That is all I will be able to do for now as my Pym Tech characters are likely strong enough, but three are only at 5-stars. I will resume the walkthrough of my experience in a few months when the Like, Totally Jubilee event returns to Marvel Strike Force.