Building A War Team

Transformers: Earth Wars breaks down to just a handful of activities: wars, raids, events and resource raiding. For each one of these a team can be crafted to maximize your effectiveness – after all, there are over 70 bots and you only have 8 slots to use so choices need to be made! I would argue that those choices are most important for your war team, which is why we are here in the first article in our Guides for Transformers: Earth Wars series. Your war team is going to produce strong solo bots for XP and event grinding, will be more effective at raids than a raid team would be in war, and will help you to understand how versatile bots and cores can be. A war team should be what you focus on primarily in order to be successful in TFEW and to provide the most benefit to your alliance.

TFEW - Optimus PrimeLooking at a war team you need to review what bots to pick, what cores to use, what strategy to use, what COMBAT to use, who to spark, how much you should spark and more. It can all be overwhelming. This guide will help you make these decisions in a much smarter way and optimize your team and the cores/COMBAT they are using.

The biggest pitfall I see players fall into is just picking either their 8 strongest bots and going to war with that or picking their 8 favorite bots from the cartoon they grew up with and hoping for the best. Either way is a surefire way to lose wars and make your alliance face palm. That being said, I wish so many people didn’t like g1 Grimlock as much as they do because they are in a toxic relationship with TFEW Grimlock because of it, but I digress…

Because of the in-depth nature of this article, we have broken it into Team Composition and 7 sub-categories, all of which will feature their own article on the site and be linked below. Special thanks to James “Emrakul Tat” Hogan of Alpha Cartel for all of his hard work on all areas of the Building a War Team in TFEW guide. As you can see, he went into great detail in this guide in an effort to help the community.