HPWU - ProfessionsHarry Potter Wizards Unite features three professions to choose from. Players can switch professions throughout the game, but may only have one profession at a time. Each profession has unique benefits as listed in part below.

Auror – The Auror is trained to do more damage against dark enemies, currently Dark Wizards and Death Eaters in-game, as makes sense given their roles in the Harry Potter series. Aurors often inflict negative status effects against those they are fighting and have a huge advantage in the Strategic Spells Cast Achievement when used correctly in Wizarding Challenges (Fortress battles).

Magizoologist – More of a support role, the Magizoologist does extra damage against beasts and can help restore stamina. As the Magizoologist levels up their abilities they can become a very strong situationally offensive and defensive player in Wizarding Challenges (Fortress battles).

Professor – The jack-of-all-trades in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, the Professor do more damage against curiosities (Pixies & Werewolves), and is designed to heal and buff their teammates with positive status effects.