HSTR Farming Guide – Phase 3: Chex Mix

Phase 3: Chex Mix

The Chex Mix team is CLS-L, zRaid Han, Death Trooper, +Cleanser, +Attacker
The ideal setup is CLS, Raid Han, Death Trooper, Chirrut, and Pao
Other options:

  • Rex can be substituted for Chirrut; key is Cleanse and Tenacity Up
  • Attackers: Anakin, Poggle, or Sabine can be used in place of Pao


  • Raid Han and CLS are key characters
    • Raid Han from Pit Raid and CLS is from his Hero’s Journey event
    • All guilds should be able to accomplish regular Heroic Pit Raids. If your guild is not doing Heroic Pit Raids, contact us! or see the Heroic Pit Raid Solo Guide
    • CLS requires R2, Leia, STHan, Old Ben, and Farm Luke through his event
    • If neither are available, HSTR is likely far out of reach for 6+ months
  • Death Trooper:
    • Key character for Chex Mix and Troopers
    • Farmed from Cantina at 16x; normal ~25-30% drop rate
    • Will be very difficult to farm both Death Trooper and the Vets simultaneously
  • Cleanser:
    • Chirrut is available through Guild Events and Fleet Store; plan on 3+ month farm through currency and buying through Shipments
    • Rex is available through Guild Store and Fleet Store; plan on 2+ month farm through currency and buying through Shipments
    • Both are excellent characters across other areas, so either should be a general farm
  • Attacker:
    • Pao is available through Cantina Store and Guild Events Store
      • Easy farm in <30 days, if buying shards with every refresh
      • Can be used in LS TB Rogue One teams, but has limited other functions
    • Anakin is available through LS Node at 16x, DS Nodes at 16x and 20x, and Cantina Node at 16x
      • Relatively easy farm, but will be difficult to farm simultaneously with other toons such as Res Trooper, Scav Rey, and/or Nihilus
      • Useful on Jedi teams under zQGJ lead or with Ezra’s assists
      • Gear will need to be high for survivability and to get the Offense Up
    • Poggle is available through GW Store and LS Nodes at 12x and 16x
      • Recommended to farm solely through GW Store
      • Easy farm in <30 days, if buying shards with every refresh
      • Very limited use outside of this team
      • Gear will need to be G8-9 to live long enough to get Offense Up
    • Sabine is available through one DS Node at 12x and rarely in Guild Events Store
      • Long farm; if Sabine is not already 7*, use another toon
      • Gear will need to be high for survivability
      • Note: If Sabine is geared well enough for Chex Mix, consider using her in a Phase 2 Phoenix squad instead

Key Zeta: Raid Han Unique; this is required for this team to function

Other zetas: CLS’ Binds and Learn Control; Sabine’s Demolish


  • Raid Han – G12; he is doing nearly all of your damage and he has to survive and also hit hard
  • Pao – G8, but preferably higher to ensure he survives long enough for Offense Up
  • CLS, Death Trooper, Cleanser: G11, though G12 is preferable


  • Raid Han: Crit Damage and Crit Chance sets, with Offense primaries and secondaries; No Speed necessary
  • The Rest: Offense sets; greater focus on Offense than Crit Damage for Chex Mix team

Strategy: A Closer Look at Chex Mix Teams

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