Ultimus Raid

One of several Raids in Marvel Strike Force, the Ultimus Raid is described in-game with “work with your alliance to defeat Ultimus for rare rewards.” The Ultimus Raid is an ongoing Raid, unlike the limited time Raids in the game, that can be run constantly each day.

MSF - Ultimus Tier 7 RewardsThe Ultimus Raid comes in six different tiers, each with a higher degree of difficulty and better rewards. A 7th tier has yet to be added but has been announced to the community and is expected to be released in mid-2019.

  • Tier I – Recommended for Squad Levels 20-25, Gear 4, Ability Level 2
  • Tier II – Recommended for Squad Levels 25-30, Gear 4, Ability Level 3
  • Tier III – Recommended for Squad Levels 30-35, Gear 5, Ability Level 3
  • Tier IV – Recommended for Squad Levels 35-45, Gear 6, Ability Level 4
  • Tier V – Recommended for Squad Levels 45-60, Gear 7, Ability Level 5
  • Tier VI – Recommended for Squad Levels 65+, Gear 10, Ability Level 6 – Rewards range from 1,260-1,803 Raid Credits, 88-105 T2 (Blue) Ability Materials, 70-120 T3 (Purple) Ability Materials, 5,750-7,274 Blue Gear Orb Fragments and 4,100-7,250 Purple Gear Orb Fragments
  • Tier VII – Recommended for Squad Levels 75+, Gear 12+, Ability Level 7+, Red Stars 4+ (rewards pictured)

The ultimate goal of the Tier VI Ultimus Raid is a 100% clear which gains the players the Tier 3 rewards. At the top end of the Tier 3 rewards, first and second place get 1,803 raid credits, 105 T2 ability materials, 120 T3 ability materials, 7,274 Blue Gear Raid Orb fragments and 7,250 Purple Gear Raid Orb fragments.

On the Tier VI Ultimus Raid, the following infographic (below) shows the lanes and routes needed to clear the raid at 100%. We’d be happy to credit the creator of this infographic for Marvel Strike Force, but we have no idea who created it.

MSF - Ultimus Raid Routes


The Ultimus Tier VII raid was released in June 2019 and requires 14,400 First Strike Raid Keys to launch the raid.

MSF - Ultimus Tier 7