Power Cores

Transformers Earth Wars first introduced Power Cores in October 2017 as a way to enhance bots and base defense. TFEW - Power CoresAs described by the developers, Power Cores can be used “for a strategic advantage in battle or increase the chances of a successful defense” of your base. Power Cores can be obtained through a special campaign called the Story of Nebulos which involved five battles and looks to educate the player on what some of the different Power Cores can do during the battles. By defeating all five bases you unlock the ability to build you Power Core Lab which then allows you to Equip, Manage and Fuse Power Cores on bots and bases.

Bot Power Core Types – Universal, Warrior, Air, Gunner, Medic & Bot Specific

Building Power Core Types – Universal, Auto Cannon, Laser Turret, Mortar & Missile Launcher


G1 Power Cores

G1 Power Cores were added to the game in mid-2018. These Power Cores are specifically used by Generation 1 Transformers and are tailored to their abilities. When applicable we have worked these G1 Power Cores into the individual bot power core recommendations.


Prime Cores

Prime Cores were added to the game in early 2018 offering the Power of the Primes to the bot who equips each. Currently there are 12 Prime Cores available in the game and Gaming-fans.com has put together a description of each Prime Core plus the best bot for each Prime Core for reference.


Squad Cores

Squad Power Cores were added to Earth Wars in April 2019 and combine multiple statistical boosts. For example, a Medical Command Flak Jacket for Autobots increases the healing done by the bot equipped by a percentage while also reducing damage by a percentage from Mortars and Missile Launchers for all the other medics, thus helping the squad (other Medics) as well as the bot equipped.


Best Power Cores for each TFEW Bot


Autobots Decepticons
Optimus Prime Megatron
Air Raid Armada Megatron
Alpha Bravo Astrotrain
Arcee Barricade
Autobot Jazz Beast Wars Megatron
Blades Blackarachnia
Blaster Blast Off
Bumblebee Blitzwing
Cheetor Blot
Cliffjumper Bludgeon
Cosmos Bombshell
Cybertron Jetfire Bonecrusher
Drift Brawl
Dustup Brake-Neck
Elita-1 Breakdown
Firefly Counterpunch
First Aid Cutthroat
Gnaw Cybertron Starscream
Goldfire Cyclonus
Grimlock Dead End
Hot Rod Deathsaurus
Hot Spot Dirge
Hound Divebomb
Hound V.A.M.P. Drag Strip
Huffer Galvatron
Impactor Gnaw
Inferno Headstrong
Ironhide Hun-gurrr
Jetfire Hook
Jetfire Skystriker Impactor



Autobots Decepticons
Kup Kickback
Laser Optimus Lockdown
Mirage Long Haul
Optimus Primal Lugnut
Optimus Prime Megatron
Perceptor Mindwipe
Pipes Mixmaster
Powerglide Motormaster
Prowl Nemesis Prime
Punch Nightbird
Pyra Magna Octone
Ratchet Octopunch
Red Alert Offroad
Rhinox Onslaught
Rodimus Prime Ramjet
Rook Rampage
Rust Dust Razorclaw
Sandstorm Reflector
Seaspray Rippersnapper
Sentius Magnus Rodimus Unicronus



Autobots Decepticons
Sideswipe Scavenger
Silverbolt Scourge
Skyburst Scrapper
Skydive Sentius Malus
Sky Lynx Shockwave
Slash Sinnertwin
Smokescreen Skrapnel
Sludge (Formerly Slog) Skullsmasher
Slug Skywarp
Snarl Skywarp Nightraven
Springer Slipstream
Star Saber Soundwave
Stormclash Soundwave H.I.S.S.
Streetwise Starscream
Sunstreaker Straxus
Swoop (Formerly Strafe) Swindle
Tigerhawk Tantrum
Tracks Tarantulas
Ultra Magnus Thundercracker
Warpath Viper
Wheeljack Vortex
Windblade Waspinator