Rancor (Challenge) Guide

The Pit (Challenge): The Rancor Unleashed was released in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes in early December of 2020 and featured a newly-updated version of the Rancor. Much more difficult to beat and with updated mechanics, the early showing is that the Rancor (Challenge) is accomplishing what the Heroic Sith Raid did in February 2018 – challenge the SWGoH community and provide us with something to build up for. While the Genonosis Territory Battles may have been seen as a similar in the eyes of the developers, you simply cannot compare a once a month game mode versus a 2 times a week game mode for the players of the game.

Below Gaming-fans.com will do what we can to gather resources to help you in the Rancor (Challenge) to be more successful. Of course many of these teams rely heavily on the team compositions, mods and specific stats to have the success they do, so pay careful attention to the details.


SWGoH Rancor (Challenge) – Phase 1

Phase 1 of the The Pit (Challenge) once again features the Gamorrean Captain along with his Gamorrean Brute and Guard buddies and they provide quite a solid challenge before actually facing the Rancor. While the Gamorrean minions are not crazy tough, the Gamorrean Captain hits harder than ever, passes turn meter to his helpers, and applies both Deathmark and Healing Immunity with his Kill Order special that cannot Resisted or Evaded. No sign of Malakili unfortunately…

Phase 1 Teams that (Seem) to Work

  • Rey with Jawas & Wat – First shown by AhnaldT101 hours after the The Pit (Challenge): The Rancor Unleashed was released in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, this team is capable of around 15% of Phase 1. The key is Jawa Scavenger and his unique which places Thermal Detonators on any enemy that attacks a Jawa, so beefing up Chief Nebit to take the hits allows this to be incredibly effective. I have personally used this team effectively to hit 10-15% of Phase 1 multiple times, and placing as much survivability on Chief Nebit to withstand the many attacks is why it works. Wat Tambor is a great addition because of the tech he gives out, forcing the taunt on Nebit, adding offense to Rey and cleansing the Deathmarks applied by the Gamorrean Guards when they hit Chief Nebit. The proper use of Galactic Legend Rey adds bonus Protection to Nebit to keep him alive as long as possible, then uses her Sudden Whirlwind and ultimate at the proper times to inflict more damage.
  • Padme, Rey, C-3PO, Ahsoka, GK – I have heard that Padme teams work in Phase 1, but I have yet to see anything that resembles success myself.
  • SLK with Old Daka, Nightsister Zombie, HYoda and Thrawn/Hux – Early indications are that Supreme Leader Kylo Ren teams are better used in later phases.
  • Sith Eternal Emperor with Traya, Sion, SET, Darth Sidious or Nihilus – This team is listed, but does not perform at the level of Padme, Rey or SLK


SWGoH Rancor (Challenge) – Phases 2 & 3

Challenge Rancor Phase 2 & 3Phase 3 of the The Pit (Challenge) brings the Rancor out and he is ready to attack. Right out of the gate his basic is super-enhanced now reading “Inflict Healing Immunity for 2 turns to the target and another random enemy, then deal Physical damage to them. Then dispel their buffs and reduce their Max Protection by 50% (stacking). This ability can’t be countered.” Add in he can inflict Daze and Health Down and Phase 2 is no joke. Worst of all, the Rancor is “immune to Turn Meter reduction effects.”

Phase 2 & 3 Teams that to Work

  • SLK with Thrawn, General Hux, Sith Trooper & Hermit Yoda – This seems to be the best combination going right now with reports upwards of 15% of Phase 2. Like any Raid battle in SWGoH with SLK, giving him turn meter anytime you can is critical, and this team’s strategy is no different.
  • SLK with Old Daka, Nightsister Zombie, Thrawn & Wat – Once again, Wat Tambor is featured, making the real challenge where best to use him. I have used General Hux as a replacement for Wat Tambor on this team with mild success.
  • Aurra Sing Bounty Hunters – A rarely seen Aurra Sing lead with Boba, Bossk, Jango and Greef Karga is gaining momentum early on as a solid Phase 2 team.
  • JMLS with JKLS, GAS, HYoda & GMY/Jolee/Shaak/KAM – If your guild can get through Phase 2 with the SLK teams, the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker led Jedi teams seem to fit well in Phase 3.
  • Genera Veers, Moff Gideon, Admiral Piett, Range Trooper, Colonel Starck – This quick and easy team is featured in the Operation Metaverse video linked above.


SWGoH Rancor (Challenge) – Phase 4

Rancor Phase 4 - Darth VaderPhase 4 of the The Pit (Challenge) is the final phase of this challenge and adds the abilities above with a reduced cool down for the Devour ability

Phase 4 Teams that (Seem) to Work

  • JKLS Jedi – Using a Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker lead, a team of Jedi can start with Heroes Arise and counter the Rancor’s AoE attacks. There are multiple variations of the 5 Jedi used, but JKLS, JMLS, General Skywalker, Jedi Knight Anakin and Shaak Ti are a nice fit as Shaak can clear debuffs and the other four have strong offense.
  • Darth Vader – Using a Darth Vader-based team with NO Galactic Legends, DB Official 125’s team is detailed in the video linked here.



Last Update: February 26, 2021