SWGoH Guides

Like many players of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, we get a lot of great ideas that are sometimes difficult to follow through with. Our guides section of Gaming-fans.com fits well into this category. While our mod guides have been a staple of the SWGoH community and a must-see for serious players of the game, our Sith Raid guide was a huge help for players for over a year. But with Galactic Legend characters and the ever-evolving nature of a power creep game like SWGoH, staying current with the trends is a real challenge. While not every one of our SWGoH guides linked below is as current as I would like, what I can tell you is that good intent has been behind each of them. If you are interested in helping develop content around any of these to make them current please contact @GamingFansDFN on Twitter or find ljcool110 in-game anytime.