SWGoH 101: Which Characters First?

Which characters should I work on first? A big question for those starting out in SWGoH. When the game first presents itself, there are loads of options available, with dozens of characters to choose from, not to mention the ones that are given for free.

As you progress in the game, the four biggest features will be the Squad Arena, Galactic War, Raids, and Events. Choosing characters should always reflect full teams meant for any of these areas.

Your first focus should always be a strong team for the Squad Arena because the Arena is the place that will offer the most free crystals in the game. Apart from the Squad Arena, your overall game focus will shift depending on your level in the game.

Some notes to consider: This guide is meant to help players get the most out of their games, without wasting resources, all while having the most fun doing it.

SWGoH is a very complex game that is continually changing. The best way to play the game is to progress naturally. Hurrying from one set of toons to another depending on an upcoming event results in overall less progress and general disappointment.

Character focus will differ depending on player Level, i.e., Beginning (1-50), Mid-Tier (51-80), High-Tier (81-84), End-Game (Level Cap). A Level 30 player should not be focused on creating a team meant to solo Phase 4 of the Heroic Tank Raid. Not only will this take ages to accomplish, but by the time a player gets to this point, the game could (and most likely would) shift between different raids and newer characters.

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Helpful details before we begin, be sure to note SWGoH Common Terms and Abbreviations


By Kaitco of Descendants of the Empire
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